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  1. Hi is there a Mega link anyone could point me to please as the one in the post appears not to be working. Thankd
  2. Arcade Game Pirate's Hook Fishing Challenge

    Hi I have downloaded and put on to a memory stick what program do I need to extract it. Thanks
  3. Startrek voyager chd files

    Hi thanks that's great, I will give it a try.
  4. Startrek voyager chd files

    thanks, what else do i need to get it working please.
  5. Startrek voyager chd files

    It's these files I was looking for this is a copy of a post from Admin and a link for the Voyager chd is not working now. The Star Trek Voyager dump on the main page is incomplete! Get voyager.chd from MAME Extract the chd with "chdman extracthd --input voyager.chd --output voyager.bin" Open bin file in 7zip Extract disk3 to a folder And extract the following folders to that same folder \disk0\home\rocky\stv \disk2\stv Use trek.e4 to play the game
  6. Can any one give me a link to the extracted chd files please.
  7. Any chance of a new link please.
  8. Hi would you be able to put a new link up please.
  9. American Laser Games Windows collection

    Hi when I open Maddog and maddog 2 the video shoots up to the left corner in full screen and when you return to back it does not show in the main window.
  10. Hi the mega links not working.
  11. Dead storm pirates

    Hi looking for a Deadstorm pirates iso please can any one point me where to find one please