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  1. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Virtua tennis 4 The game boots goes through the menu the game starts I get io board missing and game shuts down any ideas please, this is latest version of technoparrot I am using. Thanks
  2. [Arcade PC ] Nicktoons Nitro (Raw Thrills)

    Can get gas brake buttons working but no steering Can anyone post their technoparrot settings please.
  3. What's the latest jconfig for Time crisis 5 for Xbox 360 controller could some one put a link up please. Thanks
  4. Where can you get the jconfig launcher please.
  5. Have loaded the game on the root of my c drive but the issue the mouse does not work in the configuration settings but all the buttons do, any ideas please. Have sorted I hadn't set the mouse enabler to comparability to win XP.
  6. Hi has anyone got jconfig or joy to key working. Thanks
  7. Hi could anyone give me a mega link to a ready to play version. Thanks
  8. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Hi any one got a working link to Whacky races please.
  9. Hi is there a Mega link anyone could point me to please as the one in the post appears not to be working. Thankd
  10. Arcade Game Pirate's Hook Fishing Challenge

    Hi I have downloaded and put on to a memory stick what program do I need to extract it. Thanks
  11. Startrek voyager chd files

    Hi thanks that's great, I will give it a try.
  12. Startrek voyager chd files

    thanks, what else do i need to get it working please.
  13. Startrek voyager chd files

    It's these files I was looking for this is a copy of a post from Admin and a link for the Voyager chd is not working now. The Star Trek Voyager dump on the main page is incomplete! Get voyager.chd from MAME Extract the chd with "chdman extracthd --input voyager.chd --output voyager.bin" Open bin file in 7zip Extract disk3 to a folder And extract the following folders to that same folder \disk0\home\rocky\stv \disk2\stv Use trek.e4 to play the game
  14. Can any one give me a link to the extracted chd files please.