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  1. Until all songs are finished the game doesn‘t contact the database, but you could select a character with the Danger Skill that lets you fail a song after 20 misses or such, so you could just start two songs to fail after a few seconds.
  2. Thats because its locked per japanese law, you need to use the amazon patcher (which didn‘t work for me) or just need to change your time outside of the locked time it was something like 12pm - 7:30am JST
  3. On the Weekend I wanted to start translating a bit more and maybe start with few of the skills, if I need your assistance I will contact you! thank you very much!
  4. A friend of mine who has a pretty expensive printer will print it for me, but the filament itself is like 20€ I'm giving him 40€ for the effort and electricity cost etc. which is still way cheaper than the services I found, they mostly were in the range of 150-250€
  5. Yeah i plan to translate everthing to an atleast understandable english (Only studied japanese for 1,5 years) so everything that is not Wasei-eigo (English words written in Katakana) needs to be put into Google translate :D I'm currently building the Controller and everything and hope to have all UI translated in a few months and afterwards I will start translating the Skills etc. When most is done I will also start to correctly translate many phrases because most of them just analogous translations to figure out what the setting should change
  6. Hey Guys, I made a small Fantranslation for some UI-Elements as a PoC, It is not very pretty but does its job. I will refine them when I have more time and will eventually translate more and more. Feedback is appreciated To install it you just need to replace the files EngPatch_Upd2.zip