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  1. Sorry i couldn't help, but it seems to be a problem, that doesn't occur for everyone, so it must be some hardware or system spedific problem. But as long you can play the game, it is not a biggie and maybe there'll be a solution or fix some day.
  2. Latest version of the official one, so nothing special.
  3. Ah, they still remain blackened although they are unlocked, weird, never had that problem. Well, as long you can fully play the game, it is just a minor problem, i would say, maybe a future ryujinx update will fix it at some point.
  4. When you've opened the Nvidia Control Panel, go to manage 3D settings. Then you have a window on the right side with two tabs above it, Global Settings and Program Settings. Click the Progtam Settimgs tab, then where it says Selct a program to customize, click on the tab below, in that fold out window, you'll see a list of all your programs exe. Now look in that list for the Ryujinx exe, if it is not in the list, you'll have to add it manually. Then go to add and specify where the exe is located. Select Ruyjunx exe now, then you'll see all the settings for it in the window below. Scroll down to OpenGL rendering GPU, select your GFX Card and save it, that's it. Dunno if that will fix your problem, though. And one thing i wanted to ask. You are playing the game in original resolution or with a higher resolution? Sometimes changing the original resolution of a game can cause such things. Happened to me with MK DX in teknoparrot, using a higher resolution made some pics invisible in the game.
  5. See that your mouse cursor is over the desktop, click the right button and choose nvidia control panel in the pop up menu.
  6. LOL Thanx for clearing that up. But i don't have that problem either, i can see them, so i don't know what the problem could be.
  7. The files provided here are upscaled to 4k, with the original 4:3 aspect ratio, so they are 2880x2160 The arguments provided by xx0ToT0xx are forcing it to 16:9 by stretching it, to fill the screen left and right. This is just if you don't like having black bars left and right and don't care about the original aspect ratio and having a slightly warped video then.
  8. Thanx for the JConfig game is running fine. But seriously, only 3 courses and boarder, this is more or less a joke.
  9. Like the error is saying, you are missing the ewfapi.dll which needs to be in the game folder where the sdaemon.exe is. ewfapi.dll
  10. I was just trying to help Rex2573, since his cars are invisible, for me it is working fine. I've changed the settings in NVIDIA Control Panel just for performance reasons.
  11. I would also recommend xpadder, i'm using it for several years now, lots of configuration options, easy to handle and works perfectly.
  12. I was basically just repeating this answer, And now, i saw it was also you asking this question before, silly me Although i don't have this option either in my RYUJINX, but there are beta versions or so that have this option. So i thought you might have this option, but obviously not. I never had the problem with invisible cars. Dunno, if it is because, i've specified, in the NVIDIA Control Panel 3D Settings for the RYUJINX .exe, my GTX 1070 TI as OpenGL Rendering GPU. But this is just a wild guess, i'm no expert in such things, the graphic settings in RYUJINX are basically default (enable shader cache on) , not much options anyways and the only things i really changed were in the NVIDIA Control Panel. So if that doesn't do any good, then you might wanna try your luck with google.
  13. I think you have to use opengl instead of vulcan in the graphic settings in RYUJINX
  14. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Game is still working fine on latest tp, must be something on your end.