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  1. Sega / Taito JVS bboards + regular computer?

    GamerLine, Thanks for your answer, My question is if I can use similar hardware, for example, Taito X3 has an i5 2500 with 8gb ram and a gtx 660ti, If I build a similar computer and add the Fast I/O board and the Nessica card reader would this configuration be able to run a game HDD or SSD ??
  2. Sega / Taito JVS bboards + regular computer?

    There is any documentation of how to do this ?? Do you still need the emulators jconfig or teknoparrot ?? Thanks.
  3. Have nesica card and server emulator will be awesome, However, vs link mode should be working locally. Teknoparrot is adding support for street fighter V hopefully we can get local play with it.
  4. Network is not working . The game is not getting any IP or network configuration . If someone can translate this
  5. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Hi guys, I have a dump from Virtual fighter V FS that have two files vf5fs.bin and vf5fs_ext . After decompression I moved the content of vf5fs_ext to disk 0 inside vf5fs.bin then I try to use teknoparrot and it chow the cmd screen doing something and after that it closes. Any idea ?
  6. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Hi everyone, Does anyone has a working link for the Shining Force games, I can't find the games :( . Thanks.
  7. Hi everyone and thanks in advance. I'm Building two arcades to play with friends I love these arcade pc loaders I would like to know if there is a dump for the following games, if not do you guys know if it will be a dump in the future? BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Fighting EX Layer Tekken 7 round 3 Samurai Spirits I'm completely new on this topic I have not Idea how this works I just enjoy it thanks.