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  1. LOVE these games! Does anyone know if Dragon's Lair 2 use the special rom from Singe 2?
  2. Hi, I only get a blank screen, but I have sound. Could someone please help me with this? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Does someone have a working link? I've been looking for this. Thanks in advance!
  4. WOW Action Max Daphne Singe Set

    Hi, I was wondering if someone might have so updated, higher quality videos for this emulator. I really enjoy it!
  5. I've been searching for a Captain Power emulator! This would be epic! Please help us out with this.
  6. Got Gallager's Gallery working! added to my 3DARCADE frontend
  7. Hi, I was wondering if someone could upload Gallager's Gallery preconfigured. I follow the directions online, and only wind up with the "workbench" screen
  8. Incredible!! Best versions of Don Bluth's games so far. Using "lair2_318 vldp" worked like a charm to remove the words onscreen. Also, removing "-useoverlaysb 2" from the batch file removes onscreen scores from DL and ACE
  9. Hi, I was wondering...is there any way to disable to words onscreen in DL 2 Timewarp?