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  1. [Arcade PC] Chunithm Crystal / Paradise (Sega NU 1.1)

    Damn i just a little late information about paradise and it's gone now T-T
  2. it's out from the omnimix file
  3. There is a lot of deleted songs in Chunithm Amazon, make sure you have the other version Chunithm and combine all the file inside for seeing all the deleted songs.
  4. I'm just adding all the content from chunithm plus to amazone. there is a lot of hidden quest, event, maps, course, and the others. ok gonna try it
  5. Hi, everyone is there any ways to change the chunithm amazon BGM song theme, result song theme, and score song theme? I do want to change it with all chunithm star plus bgm song. And also do the chunithm amazon plus (omnimix) included DJ max song (blythe and super lovely)?