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  1. Hi Petje Yo thanks, apparently it is lol Can I test controller without connecting air sensor / touch keys / LED? No. Current implementation requires you to connect every components for proper function.
  2. Hi petje, not sure if will bother helping me but I'm back again with some question regarding the electronics of the touch sensors. This is how I soldered it and I have double-checked my wiring, it should be correct. I was just thinking if the circuit would only work if I completely wired everything, or should the sensor work on itself even though I only installed one capacitor. If that's the case I would need to do some more work on myself EDIT: lol I didn't even mention that the reason I asked this is that right now, only the "home" and "end" button is being repeatedly pressed right now, and the ONLY THING that's wired in is the capacitor/copper plate
  3. But from videos I watched on youtube, they all had a output pin that is giving out a 5v (HIGH) signal, connected to the resistor, used to delay the reading of another input pin. The system measures the time required for the input pin to become HIGH determines whether you are touching the sensor or not, isn't that how it works?
  4. Hi, I got everything software wise working perfectly and I am trying to work on the hardware build. The only thing I am unsure of is the capacitive sensors. Shouldn't there be a output and a input for each piece of copper foil? From the Teensy circuit diagram, there isn't any "sensor send common wire" for the copper foils. Could someone explain this a little, much thanks EDIT: Wait... Is the other end of the copper foil just 5V?