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  1. Nah, I never had the luck to get the mouse click working ingame, even with the patches for the loader. I tried at least 3 computers and no dice. ~Inari
  2. Rad! Thanks for sharing the mirror! ~Inari
  3. Yeah, a bunch of MOHKERZ links kinda got destroyed recently. ~Inari
  4. Every day, someone makes this ridiculous claim based on zero data. State the specific issues, log them in tracker and help the devs resolve. But you won't. There's no amount of facts that will prevent you from thinking the way you choose, so not going to waste my time. I just feel bad for people that can't appreciate what they have and feel entitled to instant emulation perfection. EDIT: Real Inari talking, got hacked again. Important tip, PLEASE be sure to check who you're logged in as before posting any messages in the forums before you make someone look bad possibly.
  5. Same here with Superbikes. Everything works with that exe minus accelerate and brake. :(
  6. [Hidden Content] 1.84 now just came out that fixes the locked games!
  7. Finally downloaded 1.83. Anyone else unable to play the previously patreon locked games?
  8. Does anyone have the link the spicetools? EDIT: Not posted by me, got hacked again. To the person that said this on my account, there's a thread with the latest spice tools.
  9. I also got that same D: drive error when I tried to run the game on my Windows 10 PC but the game actually ran when I tried it on my older Windows 8.1 laptop but I also have no mouse input on there too. Staying patient for any help or fixes. Still, thanks again for making this possible.
  10. Oh snap! I was wondering if this was gonna get cracked and be playable a few days ago. Thanks a bunch Mohkerz! Can't wait to try this out!
  11. Welp, this wasn't posted by me. I wouldn't say something like this and I'm super shy as heck here. Apologies if anyone logs in my account and says something like this. It's been happening a lot. In a related topic, has anyone tested MaiMai Green and how did that go?
  12. Why bother? What's with the ignorant bashing going on here recently? The emu is fine if you aren't being stupid about it. It emulates tens of arcade games wonderfully. If you can't figure out how to use it, move along and go do something else. Maybe a console is more suited to you?
  13. @vitamina If there was it would be here, don't spam old threads asking the same question everywhere.
  14. Make sure you guys let Reaver know about the cal. issue. It's basically unplayable without calibration working.
  15. I think you gotta set the EXE for Mario Kart DX to run as Admin. I also set "TeknoParrotUi" and "ParrotLoader64" to run as admin too just in case. Check the notes below here: [Hidden Content]