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  1. I'm hella glad that windowed mode is a thing which will fix that rare problem some people have including me when booting into full screen mode. I'll give this a try later! ~Inari
  2. Cool! Lemme know if it works for ya! ~Inari
  3. The game always used to crash on start up on me in Teknoparrot. The Jconfig for H2Overdrive managed to get the game booting for me. If I boot the game in windowed mode, it doesn't crash but crashes if I set it to fullscreen mode similar to Teknoparrot and Teknoparrot doesn't have a windowed mode for the game. The game could be finicky with certain monitor setups possibly in fullscreen mode. Just use Borderlessgaming to achieve fullscreen.~Inari
  4. I'm trying Shining Force Cross Elysion for the first time with the AMD fixes. Is it normal for your character to do only one damage? Did I miss something? I've used and created a fresh IC card as well from the first page downloads. I've seen other videos of the game and people are able to do decent damage on the start of the game. Heads up for AMD users curious to try the game, there are missing elements like treasure chests and other stuff. ~Inari
  5. I don't think there's a speedfix but you could try lowering your resolution with this. [Hidden Content] Worth a try honestly. ~Inari
  6. I know I'm like the only one but here's hoping that Yugioh DT works without the need to only be in the D:\ drive and has working touch inputs that works no matter what. I never got a chance to play Batman and I'm sure it'll be a blast when it works in TP. Specular interactive hasn't disappointed me yet. Lastly, Super excited on the Lindbergh sound fixes. Glad to see more great news this week! ~Inari
  7. I totally forgot Luigi's Mansion Arcade was on TP. Glad it's free for all now. My antivirus didn't like the exe at first but the game runs well on my end. ~Inari
  8. Incredible! This Jconfig magically got the game to run for me! Before when I tried with Teknoparrot. It would just close within seconds when I boot up the game. Thanks a ton for sharing this! For the few people that had this game instantly crash in the past, enable windowed mode and not fullscreen or else it will crash. Use Borderless gaming to make it fullscreen! ~Inari
  9. lol sup, definitely be sure to always check who you're logged in as before posting. I've had a couple of folks use my name to say strange stuff. I'm also glad the game is working for ya! ~Inari
  10. Holy crap! How did you figure that out? New versions crash after attract mode BUT that version from 1.5 yrs ago, fixes (most) of the gfx, all crashes (in bike select and in game) and the long loading screens. The (very fussy) game is now almost perfect on Win 10. Thanks for your time on this!!
  11. Yeah I got a AMD CPU as well. 16 gigs of ram and Windows 10 version 1903.
  12. Hopefully we'll figure it out soon. Thanks for your input too. So it's not a AMD issue then.
  13. So we're both rocking AMD GPUs. We have different OSes. "Windows 10 and Windows 7" I booted up the game on a old computer I had laying around with a janky Intel GPU and it worked(but super slow). AMD GPUs could be the culprit but Dirty Drivin' works perfectly for me and it's a identical game like H2Overdrive.
  14. Same exact thing is happening to me. I couldn't fix it and I'm trying to troubleshoot it too but using another older PC got it playing. What Windows OS version are you using and GPU? Do you have multiple monitors or any odd monitor setup? ~Inari
  15. Just tried running Border Break Scramble and it seems like it doesn't work on AMD? Like the usual other Ringedge games without AMD fixes. I can hear audio but I see nothing but a black window. Lemme know if any other AMD users have the same problem, maybe we can get a future fix. In other news, I did get H2Overdrive running but on another PC. I guess it doesn't like something on my current PC? Caladrius is a blast to play for shmup fans, good rockin' music too. ~Inari