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  1. WTF, you can race with a Triceratops? Looks like the greatest game of all time. I'm assuming that's the actual arcade footage and it's not playable on PC but maybe I'm wrong, I have the dump but it seems made for linux not PC. One day I will race as a Triceratops with my steering wheel.
  2. What there's a Cruis'n Blast? Is it playable?
  3. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    I am aware of how to do that, it wasn't working in Jconfig. I switched to a Teknoparrot capable version and it worked. I mean, I put solved in the post so thanks anyway.
  4. I always have bad luck with these games. I use gamefullscreen.exe but it's still not fullscreen, there are huge black borders on left and ride side. Can't figure out why. Edit: solved with dGVoodoo. Game looks perfect, but I'm having trouble using my Lightgun with or without Demulshooter. The character just stays behind the wall or twitches.
  5. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    I am having a problem with Sega Golden Guns. I cannot add credits or start games. Solved, I had a download that was using Jconfig, downloaded another one that was meant for Teknoparrot and it's working.
  6. Yep problem solved, thanks guys for your help.
  7. DInputDisable=0 is already set I had this working on another computer with the same lightgun. I appreciate the suggestions though. I know it's gotta be something. Wait a minute I think you solved it with the last thing you said, start with left mouse click not player 1. I'll try it here in a minute.
  8. There's no link to the video you're describing in your post. I see the video you mean now. I had the same lightgun/setup on a different computer though, and the game worked fine.
  9. Yeah I can get the reschanger to work no problem and it looks great, but if I try to point my lightugn at the screen the game is all garbled if I point the gun away from the screen or use my mouse it's fine. I made a youtube video about it a page back. I have no idea what's causing it and I've tried different downloads I have of the game and it does the same thing. Maybe they all share a borked setting IDK that's why I would love to try a fresh install but it doesn't seem anyone will upload one.
  10. No problem, seems it works ok for everyone but me lol. (well, it works fine if I don't use my lightgun, but that's kinda the whole point to me)
  11. I finally got Demulshooter working again but the game is not fullscreen, so I used the reschanger in this thread and it's fullscreen, but GARBLED GRAPHICS AGAIN! I hate this game. I just want to play it fullscreen with my lightgun. It only seems to happen when I use Reschanger. Also weird thing with Demulshooter and AHK if I do this script (Demulshooter is in same location as game) Run DemulShooter.exe -target=windows -rom=friction Run Friction.exe Friction will launch but Demulshooter won't work. But if I just do Run DemulShooter.exe -target=windows -rom=friction and Run Friction seperately, Demulshooter works. I have no idea why this type of script has always worked for a ton of games. Edit: I just figured out the game is garbled graphics during gameplay even without reschanger (apologies as no blame to anyone was intended). I am 99% sure if I could get a fresh install I could get everything working as I want but as for this copy I am about to just delete this game and move on.
  12. That means Zippyshare is banned in your country use a VPN. Try Opera browser.
  13. Friction with Ducon IO Emulator V3 and Demulshooter 8.8.3 already included in the files. (you shouldn't have a problem using other controls if you don't have a lightgun because Demulshooter requires scripts that aren't included) Start is set to 1 coin is either 5 or F3 I have different folders of the game I am not sure but try either. Hope I'm not breaking any rules or doing anything wrong with this upload if so let me know. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Edit: It should be on free play so coin shouldn't matter. Overwrote the files with latest Demul 10.1.3 but still can't get gun to work.
  14. NM, I had a copy of it on an external hard drive that I forgot about. I didn't want to upload the game with borked settings but now it seems ok. I will upload it to zippyshare later today. But this is not a fresh install of the game and sometimes settings from one computer will not work on another. I can't do anything about that because I don't know where to find a fresh install of the game if I could we could just download it lol. Also so far I can't get Demulshooter and my EMS Top Gun 3 to work with it. But hopefully it will work for others.
  15. Is the proper .ini file Reshade.ini? I upload mine. I also upload VSIOBOARD.ini in case that is needed. ReShade.ini VSIOBOARD.ini