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  1. I just want to find an picture as an example(because @ kwong103 has problem), My CHUNIITHM could be played formally with the guidance of yours.XD
  2. Could you upload some screenshots? AND another question: All of these 'GOOD'?
  3. You haven't follow the guide to change the game setting. ---------------------------------------- 8. Press 1 to go to the operator menu. Use either Test/Service or the touch bar to navigate the options. 8a. Select ゲーム設定 (Game settings). 8b. Select 配信サーバー設定 (Distribution server setting) 8c. Set this setting to サーバー (Server) 8d. Select 筐体グループ設定 (Cabinet group setting) 8e. Set this setting to OFF 8f. If desired, you can also set 音楽選択時間設定 (Music selection time setting) to 99 or whatever. 8g. Select 終了 (Finish) 8h. There will be a centered prompt notifying you that a restart is necessary to put your new settings into effect. Confirm both prompts. The game will now exit. This setting has nothing to do with the game's central network services, it describes the role that the cabinet has on the shop LAN. To be exact, every networked group of SEGA cabinets (one cabinet is still a group) must have exactly one cabinet designated as the "Distribution Server" and all the others configured as "Clients". The clients will search for a distribution server on their inter-cabinet LAN: they will not finish starting up until they find one. Normally the client/server setting is controlled by DIP switch 1 on the Nu PCB chassis. However, for some reason this is controlled from the operator menu in Chunithm. And the default setting after NVRAM reset is Client mode. 9. Start the game up again, then dismiss the LED error message using the touch strip (FIXME). You should see a title screen with a red glow along the bottom (or, if you were less lucky, a red banner or a spinner that doesn't go away).
  4. Follow the guide in the downloaded files
  5. Did your game's resolution smaller? As you experienced,my screen is too small and I can't see the window all. Now I don't know what to do./sad