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  1. [FrontEnd] RetroFE LightGuns Crisis

    Silent Hill. No cursor or response from mouse or wii mote. Updat: Silent Hill appears to be working now. I didn't realize setting the config file would get it going.
  2. [FrontEnd] RetroFE LightGuns Crisis

    The first option is exactly what I tried. No dice. Even when I try it on my other computer (which only has a mouse) I still get no cursor or aim. Only the fire buttons work (without aim)
  3. [FrontEnd] RetroFE LightGuns Crisis

    Hi. Aliens extermination issues; I have no cursor showing (using wii mote as in video tut). When I go into calibration in the game, the trigger registers however the up, down, left, right numbers will not change. All I can do is pull trigger and it saves the values. I see in the video that the numbers change to 0, 65535, 0, 65535. Not mine. And, like I said, there is no cursor displaying during calibration as in the video. When I enter the game, the trigger and flamethrower registers and depletes my ammo, but there's no cursor and no display of my gun shots or flame thrower. Someone help!
  4. I have pretty much exactly the same setup and the same issue, but getting the V1 patch messed it up further. Now it displays 2 cursors on screen and neither one responds to the wii mote (or mouse). Anyone have any ideas? I downloaded the V1 patch, over wrote the files in Friction, and I'm getting the 2 cursors with zero response. The original issue was only the mouse responded.
  5. [FrontEnd] RetroFE LightGuns Crisis

    Sorry, You're right. Sega Model 3 (I'm having control issues with PS2 as well). Anyway, I downloaded the emulator archive from your Youtube video. I opened Ocenhunter outside of Supermodel (the green H). It's the exact same issue. The screen is off center (I can see a little more than half), but the controls work. I didn't change any settings. I'm going to try launching Supermodel and try changing settings and see if that works. Update Exact same problem. As soon as I change to a lower resolution, the screen centers, but the controls stop responding. What's worse, when I go back to 1920x1080, the controls stop responding! What is going on? To get the controls responding again, I have to delete everything, reinstall it and launch it again from a fresh install. Something keeps changing. Update 2 As soon as I make a single change within the emulator, whatever it is (even changing the directory to point to Roms), the controls stop responding. How can this affect the controls?
  6. [FrontEnd] RetroFE LightGuns Crisis

    Does anyone know how to center the screen on the PS2 emulator without messing up the controls? I tried a fresh install because I couldn't get the controls to work for Ocean Hunter and LA Machineguns. The game screen is way off to the right and it's set at 1920X1080, however, the wii mote gun works. When I change the resolution, the screen centers, but the controls stop working! I tried a couple different resolutions and got the same result.
  7. [FrontEnd] RetroFE LightGuns Crisis

    Does Sega model 3 have anything to do with the command prompt when launching games? I'm having issues with the controls for Ocean Hunter and LA MAchine guns. Controls won't work on my gaming PC (which I can't open a command prompt on for some strange reason.) Yet on my other PC, the mouse works fine and I don't have a command prompt issue on that PC. I also don't have my wii mote on this computer either, but if the mouse responds, the wii mote should too.
  8. [FrontEnd] RetroFE LightGuns Crisis

    Mode 2 works fine in Mame and Tecknoparrot. Is that wrong? Does it have to be 4 with PS2 emulation?
  9. [FrontEnd] RetroFE LightGuns Crisis

    mode 2. And I only use one wii mote (for now at least) Mode 2 works fine in Mame and Tecknoparrot. Is that wrong? Does it have to be 4 with PS2 emulation?
  10. [FrontEnd] RetroFE LightGuns Crisis

    Ok., It's back to full screen. The cursor moves around the guncon2 screen, but now the trigger won't respond! OMG this is ridiculous. Do you need to set anything in Pad 1 in Lilypad? If playing with 1 gun, do I need to have Guncon 2 set in Port 2 on the Controller types screen? Or can that say None? I have no idea why it's not firing now. It seems every time I change something, another thing stops working. (I appreciate the help btw)
  11. [FrontEnd] RetroFE LightGuns Crisis

    Hi. That seems to have helped. The mouse cursor seems more stable, but now I can't get out of the Guncon2 calibration. It just keeps saying calibrate and shoot at the center. I shoot away, but it never changes. Also, I'm stuck in Windows mode. It's not full screen. I can see the Windows bar at top and bottom. Could that be why it's not allowing me to get past calibration? This is super frustrating!
  12. [FrontEnd] RetroFE LightGuns Crisis

    Any chance you could post screen shots of your setup for the controls? Lilypad and Nuvee in particular. I've been playing with those settings in the emulator and I think it might be that I'm just missing a checkmark somewhere. Like I said, the trigger fires, but the pointer seems to be jumping around the outside of the gaming screen. When I try to aim inside, the pointer disappears. ps. I think you misunderstood. I'm using the wii mote, not a mouse. I think we have the same setup.
  13. [FrontEnd] RetroFE LightGuns Crisis

    I finally got the buttons on the wii mote to register but now there's no crosshair and it's firing all over the screen. I can't point the gun.
  14. [FrontEnd] RetroFE LightGuns Crisis

    Hi. Any chance there's a video for getting the ps2 games working? I can't seem to get the wii mote to respond to the emulator. Something step by step perhaps? I know there's a brief setup txt in the pack, but it didn't seem to help. Plus I've never used nuvee before. thx
  15. [FrontEnd] RetroFE LightGuns Crisis

    I went into service menu and there wasn't even the option to calibrate the gun.