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  1. Unfortunately, it does not. The leds do change as a rainbow, however the game does not detect it. But it is okay, as far as I know it "only" changes the color of the panels to match the menu and it doesn't "spam" text fields (for the regular firmware, when you touch a button/put your hands in the air sensors, it just emulates the keyboard and put the characters so when not in game, it will spam text boxes. But with the custom firmware, it does not type the character other than in game). It works flawlessly without it and I'm quite happy! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Thanks for the tip I tried that however when launching the game with the custom leds, it doesn't detect the Tasoller (it even says "device not connected"). I tried various things and reinstalled several times but it still doesn't detect it. The Tasoller does change to rainbow though so it might be either the driver or DLL. I tried getting the DLL directly from the official github page and reinstall the driver several time but it does not work. It works with the official firmware though< By switching my keyboard layout to qwerty though, the air keys are now good, thix fixed the problem!
  3. I am having some troubles with the air keys. Did you change something in the settings of the controller like sensitivity ? (but I don't think sensitivity matters for air keys though) ? Also playing with the air sensor most close to me (I tried the other but I don't think it mattered). I also noticed that 2 keys seem to be switched from me (the 2nd key : bottom and I think the 4th key : top). I am playing with Tasoller's official firmware 1.1, I can't play with the custom leds (it doesn't detect the controller). I have been playing so far on my 27" monitor and it seems fine. I also played it on windowed mode because I was lazy to switch to fullscreen mode. EDIT : I think it's because of my keyboard layout (azerty)
  4. They should probably resume sending Tasoller. They were on vacation for the Lunar New Year between the 7 - 17/02. They may have backlogs because of that, I sent them an email once and they replied me within 24h.
  5. Hello, I followed the steps of the document to "install" the Tasoller for Chunith and it didn't work. I noticed the "Device not found" but even if I switched USB ports, it still says that. The Tasoller does display a rainbow on it and I installed twice the driver (with a uninstall in between). Did anyone still have this problem or has figured a solution? Thanks EDIT : I tried various dll posted for Tasoller but it wasn't working and the device was not detected. I tried switching back to Tasoller's "official" firmware and it worked (without switching the usb port).