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  1. [Arcade PC] Dance Dance Revolution A20 (Konami)

    This is going to unlock all songs in the current DDR A20 Update Pack. Simply unlocking all songs in the startup.arc will not work so you have to use this. All-song Unlock Enabler: click me! All-song Unlock REVERT: click me! This is "out-of-scope" from the DDR Update Pack Project because the DDR Update Pack Project is designed to preserve the "locks" on songs and revive/replicate the "events" that are supposed to unlock those songs. But since there are "constant requests" I wrote this only for the said purpose. This will not be published as part of the project since it goes in an "opposite direction" from the idea of the DDR Update Pack, so I am posting it here instead. AGAIN: THIS WILL WORK ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY WITH THE DDR A20 UPDATE PACK!!!!! AGAIN: THIS WILL WORK ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY WITH THE DDR A20 UPDATE PACK!!!!! AGAIN: THIS WILL WORK ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY WITH THE DDR A20 UPDATE PACK!!!!! AGAIN:...
  2. [Arcade PC] Dance Dance Revolution A20 (Konami)

    Short answer: use the DDR A20 Update Pack. It has all that you need. Long answer: It has been mentioned in this thread that the "2020 patch" is a fan-made "patch." You can use it at your own risk. In essence, this "2020 patch" is based off the 2019090300 data dump. By "selectable skin" do you mean the "Fast/Slow, Judgment, Combo" images (assets)? I decided to share it as a separate post and didn't include it in the official project. But yes it will generally work. Other features like "removed/new" songs are available only in the official project (DDR A20 Update Pack). If you use the DDR A20 Update Pack, it will overwrite any same files that you already have. Also the DDR A20 Update Pack already includes whatever is useful from the 2019 and the 2020 patches/dumps. Everything is actually explained in the README.txt of the Update Pack. I carefully and specifically listed which files from the 2019/2020 are used/included in the DDR A20 Update Pack. Also join our Discord Chat Group; link has been provided above/previous few pages.
  3. [Arcade PC] Dance Dance Revolution A20 (Konami)

    Okay guys, everything happening so fast! Same link! Click me! Version 1.1.3 Date: August 4, 2020 1. FIX: found a loophole where a user can type any character/number in the selection/user input fields, causing the launcher to close unexpectedly (I just finished uploading version 1.1.2 but immediately realized the loophole, so as of this writing you'll see version 1.1.3 when you click the link.) Version: 1.1.2 Date: August 4, 2020 1. FIX: changed filename convention as previous version is being erroneously flagged as "positive" for virus
  4. [Arcade PC] Dance Dance Revolution A20 (Konami)

    Spicetools or Bemanitools? In layman's terms, both tools were created with the same purpose which is to run Bemani games (DDR being one of those Bemani games). Think of them as two different brands offering the same product. What is Spicetools: [Hidden Content] What Bemanitools: from the included REAMDE file... Feel free to try either of them.
  5. [Arcade PC] Dance Dance Revolution A20 (Konami)

    FAQ: Common technical issues Q: Your ddr.exe is not generating the butterfly local server/file. A: Make sure Java 8 is installed (reference post). Q: The game crashes, and I see "F:saveXML: libXml : save file failed" in the log.txt. A: You ran ddr.exe as Administrator (you did a right-click and then Run as Administrator). It should be run only as a User (simply double-click the file). To fix, right-click on "contents" folder and uncheck "Read Only" and apply it to all sub-folders/directories and files (reference screenshot below) (reference post). Q: The game crashes, and I see "EXCEPTION ACCESS VIOLATION" in the log.txt A: There are various causes to this, but the most common cause of this is you have been modifying stuff in the game or downloading and adding stuff (reference post) Q: I see only a black background during the song selection menu A: You failed to register two (2) DLL files that come with the game, both located in the "com" sub-folder: k-clvsd.dll and xactengine2_10.dll. Some would recommend for you to install codec packs but do take note that simply registering the DLLs is a more lightweight solution (and it is the default process as well). Q: Butterfly gives me an error message saying something like "java.net.BindException: Address already in use: bind" A: When running Spicetools or Bemanitools, make sure that you didn't add the "-ea" switch/option to the startup command. Or, you may have run a different "local server" like EA Local Server or something else. These will conflict with butterfly local server because all of them use Port 80 usually/by default (reference post). Q: I'm seeing "Confirming network connection status" at the lower-left part of the screen during the startup/DDR logo A: You either failed to run butterfly, or when you ran butterfly nothing happened. In the event that you are SURE that you did run butterfly, check if a database file named "butterfly.sqlite" was generated in your main game folder. If not, then it means you don't have Java 8 installed (reference photo) (reference post).
  6. [Arcade PC] Dance Dance Revolution A20 (Konami)

    For those who are curious, interested, dubious, or paranoid (), ddr.exe is nothing more than automation. Automation in general has the objective of efficiency (ability to perform a task with the least amount of confusion), so this can be used by anyone. There is no "magic." Essentially, all of the steps that ddr.exe will be performing automatically are the same steps that everyone has been doing manually in the past and since the steps are already well-known and established at this point in time, then it only follows that automating it is very possible and can/should be done. It is a constantly-evolving file because it is updated based on actual experiences and feedback by members. For your peace of mind, this is what ddr.exe (version 1.1.1) does: Sequence: Start butterfly minimized Delete existing copies of Bemanitools and Spicetools Unpack new files for use throughout the script into a temporary location Show intro messages (to allow time for butterfly to fully initiate) Register DLLs (and clean up temp files it created) Copy-paste of config files (and clean up temp files it created) Configure butterfly database (and clean up temp files it created) Back up user's current gamemdx.dll file Warn/remind the user about making a manual, extra backup of gamemdx.dll and pause the script to allow the user to make a personal backup Ask user for preferred cabinet type/mode and apply the proper gamemdx.dll file based on the user's choice Ask user for preferred game launcher and startup settings: Blue Cab mode Spicetools HD (high-definition) mode, fullscreen HD (high-definition) mode, windowed SD (standard definition) mode, fullscreen SD (standard definition) mode, windowed Bemanitools HD (high-definition) mode, fullscreen HD (high-definition) mode, windowed SD (standard definition) mode, fullscreen SD (standard definition) mode, windowed Gold Cab mode Same choices as Blue Cab mode EXCEPT the choices for SD (standard definition), so there will only be four (4) choices instead of eight (8) Delete all remaining temp files created/used Clear the "Read Only" attribute of the game folder and all its sub-directories and files Start the game based on user's selection
  7. [Arcade PC] Dance Dance Revolution A20 (Konami)

    FAQs: What is ddr.exe? Common technical issues I have a question not listed here, or do you guys have a chat group or channel? Spicetools or Bemanitools?
  8. [Arcade PC] Dance Dance Revolution A20 (Konami)

    Hi everyone, IMPORTANT: for those who downloaded about 2 hours ago, please download ddr.exe again. I made a few changes to it (same link): Click me! Version: 1.1.1 (hotfix) Date: August 4, 2020 FIX: Blue Cab mode still needs the "crash during card screen" fix; re-applied this on the Blue Cab mode file FIX: Did away with 7zip so that there are no more dependencies with 7zip (this decision also helped reduce the filesize of ddr.exe a little bit) Thanks to @HellsingKo for reporting the issues!
  9. [Arcade PC] Dance Dance Revolution A20 (Konami)

    Hi everyone, Sorry for the delay; likewise I'm publishing the latest DDR A20 Update Pack! Click me! Version: 1.1.0 Date: August 4, 2020 FIX: Twinkle Wonderland not appearing in Song Selection FIX: added pristine copies of "Dance Combo," "Fast/Slow," and "Judgment" images (assets) to the main Update Pack, so the "combo fix" is now bulit-in with the Update Pack (credits to @tw3nz0r) FIX: set folder (and all sub-folders/files) to clear "Read-Only" attribute whenever ddr.exe is run FIX: added copy-paste of configuration XML files NEW: version bump due to expansion of compatibility (now offers Blue and Gold cab types) NEW: User-selectable features Cabinet Type (Blue Cab or Gold Cab) Spicetools or Bemanitools HD (High-Definition) or SD (Standard Definition - Blue Cab Mode only) Fullscreen or Windowed
  10. [Arcade PC] Dance Dance Revolution A20 (Konami)

    Hi Guys, I stand corrected. I was able to watch a YouTube video of what seems like a "stream" or direct line-out from the machine (Blue Cab), so I got a clearer view of the visuals. The current assets in the current Combo Fix zip file is the same as in the Blue Cab arcade machines/cabinets. That being said, I have retracted my previous post. Below is a screenshot of the clearer view of the actual Blue Cab. It came from this YouTube video. Nonetheless, I will keep the link to my personal version available for anyone who wishes to use them as a matter of personal preference. Link [Hidden Content] tagging @bman @tw3nz0r (FYI)
  11. [Arcade PC] Dance Dance Revolution A20 (Konami)

    Oh i'm updating the DDR A20 Update Pack as well, function-wise. It will be featuring the ability for users to make their selections based on their preferences. Stay tuned!
  12. [Arcade PC] Dance Dance Revolution A20 (Konami)

    Hello, Yes, am aware as I have noticed it too. I viewed videos from YouTube (as seen in my prepared screenshots) and even on the Blue Cab, v2 looked more correct from my point of view, as well as actual experience playing at the arcades. We don't have Gold Cab in our area. Nonetheless it is a matter of opinion and preference. Ultimately, having options is always a good thing.
  13. @bxdiz Codec packs also work, but sometimes it is "overkill" for the requirement (that's why the default process is to simply register those DLLs). When I was new I also used codec packs. But later on, not anymore. I just used those DLLs and uninstalled codec packs. "Using the Admin Account" (logged in as am Admin user on the PC) does not mean the same thing as "launching CMD as Administrator." The instruction I gave was to "run CMD as Administrator" when registering DLLs. Ideally we should be able to see the specific error because it will help us help you. You will know that you did it correctly when you see the top portion (the title) of CMD, saying "Administrator." If it does not have the word "Administrator" then you are not running CMD as Administrator (even if your Windows account is an Admin User). See the difference of CMD being run as an Administrator below. One just says "Command Prompt" while the other says "Administrator: Command Prompt."