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  1. I'm sorry that that is the experience now for new readers, but stuff has happened recently that pushed me to my decision. The very context is already explained in "that long message." I can delete only my posts so there are posts by others that provide sufficient information for what you need. You can actually experience card swiping ala-arcade if you have a phone with an NFC reader. Spicetools has an Android companion app (Spice Companion, search for it in Google Play Store). I tried it and it works. But if you want to go to the extent of maybe fabricating a wooden cabinet and relive an actual arcade experience, that conversation I had with @dean@tamm.am is exactly for that reason. So yes, while it's not necessary to use two separate numpads and NFC readers, the context of the discussion was to emulate the arcade feel/experience. He did provide links to the actual hardware he used/purchased so that would be your starting point. As far as configuring it, try to explore the "Options" tab of spicecfg.exe. Everything you need to get this to work is actually in there.
  2. I will not spoon-feed the answer flat out, but I can tell that all information and tools needed to achieve that are already posted in this thread as well as the previous/old DDR A20 thread. It's just a matter of determination and willingness to read, learn, and try.
  3. Check some known torrent sites, also within this thread some links were actually provided. We have. But we are keeping it private for now. Also, 1200 songs is a bit too early to be reaching the limit. There must be something wrong with your files that's causing your game to crash that soon.
  4. Redacted due to privacy/security concerns.
  5. I don't give direct answers because I want people to actually exert effort to learn. This is how exactly I got to this point of knowledge about all of this. I wasn't given the answers straight up. Instead, I was given only clues and I was left to figure things out on my own. Now, I'm not forcing you guys to follow what I did, or to take time away from your busy lives to learn this. But, do know that I am not paid to do this too so I can't be forced to help/provide support beyond what I'm willing to give. "Give a man fish, and you have fed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish, and you have fed him for a lifetime."
  6. Nobody should be forced to provide support beyond what they're comfortable with (unless this is a job where the person is paid to provide support), and if you guys do I might totally leave and you'll never hear from me again.
  7. Those AIOs are not clean data because they are "repacked" by other people, so you can't be too sure how they were prepared/packed. If you really want to be absolutely sure your data is clean, you have to be the one to compile it yourself. If you're simply and blindly downloading stuff that other people prepared, then that means you didn't spend enough effort in learning the data itself and how it works. I didn't start off knowing all of these things. I spent a lot of time studying and learning them until I got it right. I have stopped providing support and I have announced that publicly and officially. What I'm doing is just extra mile. I help only because I want to and I feel to and I will help only to the extent that I am comfortable with sharing. I am in no way obligated and I'm doing this purely on my own volition. EDIT: I don't mean to offend those who exerted effort in sharing their "repacks" (AIOs). Don't take my message in the wrong context. What I simply mean is that people should know how to build/compile the data on their own to be absolutely sure that the data they have is untouched. This is what I meant by "clean" data. Totally untouched and compiled only on your own. If you guys are using AIOs or repacks, you should ask the respective creators for support. Because as I have already shown through videos, butterfly simply works, and it can work on A20 PLUS so long as you are using 2020-dated modules. The proof is already there and is undisputable, I even used an older version of butterfly to prove it, so don't blame your issues on butterfly.
  8. All the releases are identified based on the PASELI count, nothing special. If you're referring to the video I posted, it said 14000 simply because I was using butterfly 1.4.0 which is much older. Having said that, now you see undisputable proof that butterfly works. Hence you guys are doing something wrong or your data is dirty. This detail about PASELI isn't related at all to your issue of not being able to run the game properly. You're overthinking again and over-complicating your issue. You guys are simply not running 2020-dated modules and it's evident in your recent posts that I quoted. That's the only reason. I don't know what else I need to do to make you guys understand that. You keep on looking at other angles when I already said repeatedly what you guys are doing wrong.
  9. The file, butterfly.sqlite, is generated by butterfly. It is not manually generated by a human. Having said that, we will all essentially have the same file, the only difference being our scores recorded in it.
  10. Why do you all keep on insisting to test 2021-dated modules on the publicly-released butterfly builds? I announced in my farewell post that it will only support 2020-dated modules. As if it weren't enough, I recorded a video to prove it, and repeated the same reminder. Yet you guys don't want to listen.
  11. Sometimes it's not always about lack of intelligence, but too much of it. I already posted a video as proof that it works, and wrote what should be done.
  12. Someone already wrote about this in the previous pages of this thread.
  13. You guys are either not reading or just plainly disregarding what I write. This has been answered early on in this thread as well as late in the old thread.
  14. Just to put to rest any doubt that butterfly doesn't work with 2020-dated modules of DDR A20 PLUS, I personally tested and took a couple of videos. This first video is to prove that butterfly supports in-game events with 2020-dated modules of DDR A20 PLUS. I even used butterfly 1.4.0, which is older than the final public release. This second video is to prove that butterfly is still able to save scores with 2020-dated modules of DDR A20 PLUS. After playing a song and showing the results screen, I exited the game and then restarted it. You can see in this video that the score was preserved/saved. I also used butterfly 1.4.0 in this video. Now that there is proof, those who say that scores are not being saved with butterfly, or that butterfly doesn't work, are either: not using 2020-dated modules, or are connected online via another 3rd-party server (therefore you're really not using butterfly at that moment), or have "dirty" data (unverified/manually-compiled builds)