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  1. Yes. Not necessarily, but any issues, loss of certain functionality, or unexpected game behaviors that may come up should not be associated with butterfly.
  2. For those following this procedure: if you all followed #4, then it means you're not using butterfly. I just wanted to be clear with this because there have been cases of people reaching out to me privately, thinking that there's something wrong with butterfly. Apparently, you guys are using a modified ea3-config.xml that points to the URL of a 3rd party online server. I'm not saying that it's wrong nor am I forcing you how you want to run your data/game, but I just want to make sure that you are aware of what you are actually doing and not just blindly following instructions.
  3. One other person who was communicating to me via private message had the same issue as yours. He did everything from scratch, which fixed the issue.
  4. The answer is incorrect though and I replied to it to provide the correct one.
  5. It was posted in previous pages in this thread. It is NOT the actual e-Amusement network of Konami. The URL of the actual e-Amusement network of Konami is written in ea3-config.xml so you can compare it from there.
  6. The answer is in the thread. It does. But you have to either know or should have been reading the FAQs and Wikis before they got deleted. That URL is the "front-end" for this URL which people in this thread are saying that you should put in replacement of [Hidden Content]. If you guys do this then you are NOT using butterfly but instead you are using/connecting to a 3rd-party online network/server. If you have that URL in your .bat file then it overrides the usage of butterfly, so even if you're actually launching butterfly, it's not butterfly that you're using as your network/server. You want proof? Try launching your .bat file with that URL while you're disconnected from the Internet. Butterfly is designed to be able to run locally without Internet (that's why the default URL is [Hidden Content]), so if your game doesn't start with network support then there's the proof. This is the problem; people giving out instructions that are not meticulously written, and people blinding following posts of others. It leads to a lot of misinformation and mistakes. I've been keeping on correcting this notion but people either don't read nor listen, and then just keep on asking and asking but not reading. Only when I deleted the information will people start to ask and read, when the information has been available long before.
  7. I am unable to replicate your issue. Butterfly works fine when I tested it. Something else must be causing your issue. My test: Testing environment: DDR A20 PLUS Butterfly latest Testing methodology: I played these three songs: Played Midnight War (the left-most song) for my 1st Stage, waited until Song Results screen shows up, then exit the game forcibly (Alt+F4): Relaunched the game, checked Midnight War in Music Selection (notice upper-left says I'm at the 1st stage as proof that I didn't manipulate the test). Confirmed, score was saved. Next, Play up to 2nd Stage then exit the game forcibly (Alt+F4). So I played the next two songs...the middle song is 1st Stage, the right-most song is 2nd stage. Then I will exit the game. 1st Stage Result: I'm showing the result of 1st stage - middle song + the result of 1st stage of previous game session just for transparency's sake: 2nd Stage Result: Exit game, relaunch, check. Confirmed. All scores saved. Here I'm showing all 3 scores while I'm at the 1st Stage of this relaunched session, for transparency's sake:
  8. That's the background music of DDR Ace (DDR A). Either the person modified it intentionally (by keeping the DDR Ace versions of the sound files)...or not.
  9. To determine/test your assumption: Delete/move/rename your current database file (butterfly.sqlite) Run butterfly again so that it generates a totally new database Restart the game and play only the first stage (clear the song!) and exit the game Restart the game and go back to that song to check if your score from your previous attempt/game was actually saved
  10. Are you certain that you are running butterfly and not actually connected to any other 3rd-party online network/server? I have just tested by playing a song in the 1st Stage that didn't have a score yet, and then exiting the game, and then restarting the game. I can see that my score was saved. Butterfly is capable of saving scores mid-game. This capability depends on how the network/server was "written" (or coded/programmed). If it wasn't programmed to save scores mid-game then it won't; if it was programmed to do so, then it will (like butterfly).
  11. At first run, butterfly creates an empty database named butterfly.sqlite. So anyone using butterfly for the first time supposedly does not have such a file. There is absolutely no possible way that butterfly itself can contain scores. It has to create that database file separately. Hence, either you are actually running/connecting to a 3rd-party online server and you're just not aware of it, or you have an existing database of butterfly (butterfly.sqlite) and also not aware of it.