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  1. Nice share! I'll add this later when I get back home.
  2. Okay, one request: can you take a screenshot of your "contents" folder? I need to check something.
  3. The game is compatible even with Windows XP as @tw3nz0r himself is running the game in Windows XP. The issue that was already identified is still not addressed as per the logs. Even @tw3nz0r himself saw it just now in the logs that was sent again. Either the folders were not created (whether manually or via the Batch script), or the folders were created but there is a "permissions" issue. Please read the FAQ again because I updated it probably around 9-12 hours ago. I updated the instructions so that they are clearer so please follow the instructions. ADDITIONAL: do not run the game in a virtual machine! This is also why you guys should be joining the Discord Server. Sometimes, other members share their experiences and how they fixed problems, which could be similar to yours. For example, one member in the Discord Server also tried to run the game in a virtual machine and learned that this shouldn't be done and shared that the issue was resolved by simply running the game in the main Operating System/environment.
  4. Great to hear that @ArcVile. Enjoy! Yes you do have to run butterfly everytime before you run the game.:) I used to have a "setup wizard" where all the steps are already included in a single click and it was used during the previous data dumps. I'm just caught up with other things so I wasn't able to update it. Give me some time and I'll publish it.
  5. @ArcVile please upload using a different file hosting servcie; the screenshots are too small for me to see. Can you detail the steps you took to try and set up the game? Did you follow the video guide I posted in the FAQ "to the 'T'"? Did you start/run butterfly? How about setting the URL? And also downloading the ea3-config.xml file that I posted in the FAQ? It looks like you're running the game without a server at all. I already wrote in the FAQ what happens when you use -ea. Please review the FAQ as it mostly covers everything that's needed to be done to ensure a smooth startup.
  6. Yes. Well there are (now) 2 possible reasons: it's either... a "permissions" issue (the folders are there but they are marked "Read-Only") or... the folders don't exist as you have mentioned. Upon which, if a brand-new user launches the game for the very first time using the batch script that usually comes with the data dump, it should automatically create those folders. So what you mentioned today suddenly brought up an "aha!" moment for me, since this latest data dump doesn't come with that said batch script and I didn't mention it in the FAQ. So those who are totally new to this would simply configure their game via SpiceTools Configuration...then start/run butterfly...then start/run spice.exe. So in that regard, the folders are not created (to your point) since there was no batch script to do so...nor do first-timers have an idea that they have to create such folders. I'll edit the FAQ now; I'll upload that batch script. I already edited it for use with 20200203 (since 20200203 uses "dev" as the folder name and no longer "conf" as with the previous data dumps). EDIT: FAQ has been updated. @g3nsvrv I mentioned you in that FAQ to give due credit.
  7. Thanks for the assist, @g3nsvrv! Good point about the folders not created. I assumed that he used the generic startup script (.bat) file which already includes the necessary commands to create those folders. Now that this issue is presented, I might as well upload the said .bat startup script.
  8. Hello, I also looked at this one (this is your 2nd log) and I see the same cause of the problem as my first response to you ("Read-Only" issues). You may actually revert to your previous settings since that is not the cause of your problem. Since you mentioned you are new to this, I recommend you download/watch the video tutorial provided in the FAQ. Also, join our Discord Server so that you can get help in real-time. Just make sure to introduce yourself so that we know that you're the same person with this issue.
  9. Hi @GAMAXEDGE26 Indeed. I have tested on my end the same process you did and I was able to change my game to Cab Type 6 (Gold Cab) using the "Patches" options in SpiceTools Configuration. So based on my test, I don't see any problems with the data dump or SpiceTools itself. Maybe you're running spice.exe as Administrator? You should run it normally by just double-clicking it.
  10. Hello @ashs09750 Upon looking at the logs, this is what caused your crash: So I can see that you have set the URL ([Hidden Content]) through SpiceTools Configuration. However, SpiceTools was unable to "read/write" it because your folders are "Read-Only" (red highlight) that's why the logs are saying "bad URL" (yellow highlight). Make sure to right-click on your entire game folder and remove/uncheck "Read-Only." Then try again.
  11. Ah okay, I initially thought you were asking me to record a video. Now it's clear you meant the video files. The "fixes" for two files aren't necessary if users are downloading the torrent itself and not the MEGA link, but sure I'll add this to the FAQ as well. Update: done. FAQ has been updated.
  12. You're welcome...what do you mean video for the Gold Cab? Spreadsheet of hex edits is already in the FAQ.
  13. I have an idea: please share both your ea3-config.xml, as well as log.txt. Try to start the game first up to the time you get the error and only then send log.txt so that the log file fully captures whatever error it is. They're safe to be shared publicly since those files don't contain any personally-identifiable information. How are you configuring your startup/launch settings or options? Is it by editing a .bat file manually, or through SpiceTools Configuration? If you're doing it via SpiceTools Configuration please share the complete screenshot/s as well.
  14. It looks like your question is Arcana-related. Sorry, but Arcana is a totally different server so it's out of our scope. We can answer questions related to butterfly though. Possibility 1: On butterfly, that problem existed before (perhaps last year's builds - 2019), but not 2020 builds of butterfly. But at this point in time I highly doubt you are using 2019 builds of butterfly. Possibility 2: are you looking to have your scores retained even after logging out of Arcana? I believe whatever scores you recorded with Arcana, stays with Arcana. So if you switch to butterfly, your scores from Arcana would definitely not be present. The same applies to butterfly: any scores your recorded with butterfly, stays with butterfly too. Not sure which one of the two your issue really is, but I wrote them both anyway.
  15. I already shared mine publicly and made a lengthy post about it in the old thread, here. Actually a cleaner way to do it is: In SpiceTools config, go to "Options" tab. There's a field for users to manually enter the URL. You just type "http: //localhost" there (without the quotes), since that's what butterfly requires. This is "cleaner" in that users don't need to manually edit the ea3-config.xml file. Keeps the file in its "pristine/untouched" state. The post from the old thread that I linked was how I used to do it (i.e. opening ea3-config and manually editing it) because when I got to learn about all of this data dump scene, that's how everyone else was doing it. However, right now I'm doing it the "clean" way as I have just described (i.e. enter the URL in SpiceTools configuration).