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  1. It's not the real gold bga, it's just and edited version that I made usin the blue one.
  2. Well, It's mine, the edited one. XD I'm Sparsus. 😉
  3. Mine doesn't have boo, check the gameplay,
  4. Amazing work as always, I'm using Victory concent already!!
  5. Lol that's a mix of Inori's theme, and my plus theme, I've made that gold background video editing the blue one released on youtube. XD
  6. Hay chance de que digas como pasar ese limite ?
  7. Link dead, could you please upload it again in google drive?
  8. Hi guys does anyone know if with this clean 2020 version, it's possible to use Ryusei characters, using butterfly? thanks
  9. Any news about newest data (not 0203) or that 2020090100?
  10. Did you figure out how to use it?
  11. Hi does anyone know how to rezise the game to use it in a windowed landscape mode? I've used spicetools to make it windowed, and 720, but the lower part is still cut out of the screen. thanks
  12. Never mind I've got it from Gdrive. XD