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  1. Hello everyone, I'm here to upload the DJMAX TECHNIKA 2 game with the Crack (attached to post). It's recommended to have a touch screen playing this game, but if you're hardcore, you may as well use a mouse. Restore any files deleted by an antivirus (if you have one). It's a false positive. Instructions: 1. Download the game from MEGA (if there is someone that can upload to other hosts, please upload, PM me the link, so I'll post it here). 2. After downloading, install 7-zip (if you don't have it). 3. Right-click the technika2-final.rar file. 4. Select "7-zip -> extract here". Warning: it's recommended to have 1tb of free space on disk. 5. After extraction, right click the technika2-final.img file and open with 7-zip. 6.. In the 7-zip window, double-click the "1.ntfs" file. 7. Drag the "DMT2" folder anywhere on your PC. 8. Download CRACK from attachment. 9. Copy the crack to root of game directory (to the DMT2 folder). Click "Replace files" in the copy dialog. 10. Go to the "DMT2" directory and open the launcher2.exe or CLIENT.EXE. 11. If you've opened launcher2.exe, ignore the 'Sentinel key not found' windows; you can close them, then, on the 'internet error' message, just touch the screen. 12. You may download this tool - it can help: [Hidden Content] Decrypt MEGA link with: [Hidden Content] ALTERNATIVE CLOUD.MAIL.RU LINK (not tested): DJMAX TECHNIKA 2 FINAL / Облако Mail.ru Source of the MEGA link and the original post: [Hidden Content] MEGA link: mega://enc2?gBr2IhlhmwiWAw3o39mVGeAcwDMCN2mWbUVNW0ZfXqlBsZ2ktOxQWmrT1CvE1MBOP36Vhfwpj8QKhCsVcceC2Q DMT2 Ver202.1013.25.4062 Crack.rar
  2. Yes, they support touch, but only on a touchscreen monitor, eg. Microsoft Surface, or Dell P2418HT.
  3. I think you should remove the file 'd3d9_something.dll' from the game's directory and install DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010) on your PC.
  4. No. But i think it can be ok without aby modifications Edit: nofile.io is gone, how do i download the games?
  5. I have a Dell P2418HT, works fine.
  6. Maybe you can download an arcade dump, install another os on the arcade (i recommend win 10), execute the server & go. (I recommend "spice.exe -ea"). I really want to play these Jubeat games, as I have a touchscreen, so please upload them to MEGA.
  7. Yes, but if you have a real arcade, you must somehow edit the file "ea3-config.xml". Maybe connecting the hard drive with the dongle to PC will decrypt it, but yes, there are apps that can emulate a eamusement server. (eg. eaLocalServer.exe). eaLocalServer.exe Edit: please reupload the games, as i said, nofile.io is gone
  8. Hello, can someone please reupload the nofile.io links to MEGA, Mediafire or whatever - the nofile.io site is dead