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  1. 15 minutes ago, JustinCredible81 said:

    Does anyone know which games such as arcade games found on this site break when updating from 1903 to 20H2? I don't want to update, but Windows seems to be pretty much forcing me to as they won't support 1903 anymore I just got a notification yesterday 


    It is more Teknoparrot updates that break them in my experience than the windows versions.

  2. Mines is the exact same OS Build number and Sega Rally 3 also works fine, its def not the Windows build causing it I don't think but you can never tell with M.S these days.


    Edition    Windows 10 Pro for Workstations
    Version    20H2
    Installed on    ‎02/‎06/‎2020
    OS build    19042.906
    Experience    Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0


  3. Does anyone know why my superbikes 2 and the rest of the raw thrills games are now giving me a CRC error and suggesting I have to reinstall the software on TP, despite the dumps all working previously in TP, I have tried all the fixes I know, ie putting them in the root of C:/ and the newest SD exe but to no avail, any help on solutions or suggestions would be much appreciated? Thanks.

  4. Teknoparrot runs well for me on what must be at least a five or 6 yea old sff  HP Z230 workstation with a 3.4 Ghz quad core Xeon E3, which I had lying around my office, not a powerhouse of a processor by any stretch of the imagination even in its day, but very stable, on tits side it did have 32gb  of Ram, the limiting factor really was the graphics card having to be low profile to fit in the case, I replaced the old Quadro card which was in a word pathetic with a 2gb NVidia 750ti I had lying around at home and bought a new SSD for the OS drive, the performance is still good enough to run everything on Teknoparrot and the Nessica live 2 games pretty well, and has loads of usb ports, perfect for inside a cab.

  5. 20 hours ago, tommiegunz said:

    Yes I use them in compatibility mode with Jconfig in the game.exe and it still doesn’t launch I don’t know if it’s my computer specs or what but my computer specs is under my name so maybe you can do some research and see if the game is compatible with my PC specs I’m not sure 


    Your computer specs should be more than enough, I running it at the moment on my old compact desktop size HPZ230 Workstation with an E3 1225 v3 CPU at  3.20 GHZ, 8gb DDR3 and a low profile Nvidia 750ti, without even a SSD hard drive, so it is not your specs that are stopping it from running unless you have loads of other stuff running in the background or particularly aggressive anti virus software.