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  1. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    ATTENTION: Transformers fonctionne parfaitement. Transformers runs perfect. Insert Coin = Service 1
  2. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Thank for answering I already read that I have to disable network in Chase HQ 2, but I don't get there. When it says "Booting" the Servie Buttom doesn't react. After that the Game already doesn't react :( HotD 4: I haven't checked the normal version, I'll do that.
  3. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Hello after a longer time I'm going again through TP and now I have the following problems. I use Win10 with an AMD card + WQHD monitor with 2560x1440. Super Monkey Ball Ticket Blitz - it's here on page 1, but is it supported by TP, I don't find it in the list/library !?!?! MISC PROBLEMS - Batman Runs much too fast :( - Chase HQ 2 It starts but hangs at the Network Check. And after leaving I have hundrets of error messages :( - Darius Burst - Another Chronicle No real fullscreen. Either correct aspect ratio in a window or full screen with wrong aspect ratio or missing part left+right. - GTI Club 3 Windowed runs, but in fullscreen Direct3D error :( And coins are not working, I had to set the game to freeplay in service menu :( - Let's go Island - Lost on the Island of Tropics Gun cursor and real mouse cursor don't fit together, the have different positions :( - MachStorm Runs nice. But ... I use my XBOX360 pad with XInput. But ... how can I reverse up and down ? It makes no difference if I choose at <Analog Y> Input Device LeftThumbInput Device 0 Y + or -, with both the control is the same, so wrong :( - MaiMai GreeN Hangs at "Now initializing....." - Operation GHOST Ok, I know, fullscreen shouldn't work correct, but it seems to work, it only not using the complete screen, but you can see all and game it. But ... if I set windowed, no windows appears. Sound starts after some time, but no screen/window at all :( - Sega Race TV Runs nice but ... is this normal at the beginning of the selections it partially selects itself ??? - Wacky Races XInput doesn't work. In spite of setting it still works with keyboard :( - Winter X Games Snocross Doesn't start at all. RUNNING TOO FAST - Let's go Jungle Special It runs fine in fullscreen, whow, but ... too fast + mouse not reacting with UseMouseForGun on, so I can't start the game. - Sega Racing Classic Runs too fast and jerky. - Under Defeat HD+ Works windowed, but extremely too fast in fullscreen :( - Virtua Fighter 5 C Too fast in fullscreen :( - Virtua Tennis 3 Too fast in fullscreen :( FULLSCREEN NOT WORKING - H2Overdrive Doesn't start at all in fullscreen, but windowed works fine. - House of the Dead 4 (normal + REV C) I don't know how to get the game work correct in fullscreen. Windowed runs fine. TP switches to fullscreen only if I deselect <windowed> and select <vga mode> in the game settings. I also used the game.exe pack for different resolutions, doesn't help. Whatever I try I only see a part of the screen or it doesn't start in fullscreen :( - Let's go Jungle I don't know how to get the game work correct in fullscreen. It works only after using BOTH shader fix patches anyway. I deselect <windowed> in the game settings but it doesn't start in fullscreen and it runs much too fast :( - Luigi's Mansion Fullscreen not working, just fills out the upper right corner + UneMouseForGun isn't working :( And if I use a pad the cursor is too slow :( - Rambo The fullscreen doesn't work anymore, it just fills out a part of the screen but not in a window. - SEGA Golden Gun In the past it ran perfect, now the fullscreen doesn't work anymore, it just fills out a part of the screen but not in a window. - Star Wars Battle Pod Like SEGA Golden Gun the fullscreen doesn't work, it just fills out a part of the screen but not in a window. The several HD patches are not really helpful but destroy the hole desktop with ending in a horrible smal resolution and all icons mixed. Who can help please ?
  4. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    @LoloZ WHAT'S THAT ???? Please choose your own avatar image
  5. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Thanks, nthusia, but I solved that it was another problem: the windows 10 desktop scaling. No other games have problems with it, only the Initial D series.
  6. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Who can help me with Initial D6 + 7. Both games run, but I see in fullscreen only a part of the screen (75% of the upper left section). I have a AMD card and a WQHD monitor. (For D6 I used 1.2 update + the correct fix for my resolution.) When I check the resolution the monitor shows, it says 1440x900. Why? So there must still be an option to change something. Enable or disable the AMDfix makes no difference.
  7. Rumble still working only with C:\Sega ? How to fix that ??? I use a XB360 pad. Someone knows what's the optimal setting in the cfg for more and harder rumble effects ?
  8. For now only the keyboard (left/right) works for change car and track selection in menu!
  9. You can install the game wherever you want. Just replace the location in the following 2 install.ini files: Example: I installed it to F:\...\ instead of C:\Sega\ : Daytona\install.ini ─> Directory=F:\...\Daytona Shell\install.ini ─> Directory=F:\...\Shell I didn't change the assets\install.ini, doesn't seem to be necesarry. Have fun ^^
  10. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Great - BIIIIG thanks
  11. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    2 files are down, could we have a reupload please
  12. Searching for a nice frontend for console games

    Sale sounds good, I'll keep checking, thanks