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    Windows 10 64-bit Intel i5-4690 3,5GHz 8GB Ram
    Asus Radeon R9 270x 2GB GDDR5

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  1. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.21 Publique) | Arcade PC

    Great - BIIIIG thanks
  2. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.21 Publique) | Arcade PC

    2 files are down, could we have a reupload please
  3. Searching for a nice frontend for console games

    Sale sounds good, I'll keep checking, thanks
  4. Searching for a nice frontend for console games

    LaunchBox is that what I was searching for, just having the original cover and some screenshots, that's it. Sad that BigBox is definitely to expensive, it looks great. Thanks for all answers
  5. Searching for a nice frontend for console games

    Thanks, Manson976, I'll check it out
  6. Hi everyone, I'm searching for one great frontend for all consoles which uses my GoodRoms sets of SNES, NES, N64, MD, MS & Atari2600 etc. It should be able to show covers and ingame screenshots and this screen packs should be somewhere to download. Who can recommend a nice and easy to handle console frontend ? Thanks in advance
  7. DEMUL v0.7 WIP 11.11.17 (+ nvram/Bios/Config Pad Xbox360)

    Now I got it. FXAA doesn't result a crash but a black screen, that's right. What leads to a crash is if "Disable Auto Sort" is disabled. (Btw what is this Option for ???) So making the hook here and it works fine, finally
  8. I have compared all files, I've exactly the same, all filenames and CRC match perfect.
  9. Yes, I have it different, too. I use SM svn 674 + UI v0.9 build151. starting Scud Race Plus => Title: Scud Race Plus + Rom Set: scudplusa NOT WORKING - JUST BLACK SCREEN starting Scud Race Plus (revA) => Title: Scud Race Plus (revA) + Rom Set: scudplus WORKING FINE Strange I think CCCP1982, you changed/mixed the two roms scudplus + scudplusa. When I take the official, correct and current and rename it to, then Scud Race Plus seems to works, but RevA is running. So a working is still a dream.
  10. DEMUL v0.7 WIP 11.11.17 (+ nvram/Bios/Config Pad Xbox360)

    For me all Gaelco roms doesn't work, but I know they did in the past. I have a Radeon R9 270x. With plugin gpuDX11, Demul says "gpuDX11.dll doesn't support this system" With gpuDX11old, it crashes after some seconds. Who can help ??
  11. I've read that with the speed. I compared roms with games.xml, all fine, but still not running. Just a black screen, but it's not crashing, I still can exit with ESC, but service buttons don't react. I tried changing all options like fullscreen, throttle, widescreen, new3Dengine etc., but it doesn't change anything, status keeps not-working. Perhaps because I've a AMD ? All the same for me. Yes, runs fine. If you change the settings in the service menu, it just doesn't restart. But it saves the settings, you have to exit and restart, then it works fine. But not the Deluxe for me :( In the normal SR2 version you can already choose in the service menu: twin or deluxe. So isn't the deluxe version integrated in the standard romset already ?
  12. Very veeeeery strange. My and have exactly the same kb size than in your video. And I've deleted the NVRAM file, too. So why isn't it running ? Do you use svn 674 ?
  13. Aaaaah, now I know what you make wrong ! You have taken the same rom, so = So Supermodel doesn't run Sega Rally 2 Deluxe but just Sega Rally 2. The original roms of are totaly different. So Sega Rally 2 Deluxe still doesn't run at all. What you made is using a mistake of Supermodel. It just looks for the correct zip-name, Then it tries to start the emulation without checking the files in the zip. Proof: Take any other rom e.g., rename it to and start Sega Rally 2 Deluxe. Supermodel will start Spikeout.
  14. Not for me. I've the correct roms but only a black screen :(
  15. I know, the widescreen option is only a great emu plus, but they could fix the heaven problem nevertheless by replacing the heaven texture by a selfmade/optimized one. I use the frontend SupermodelUI. scudplusa works fine, I've writen that above, but scudplus doesn't ! You mean a commandline option ? I don't know the options -a or -x. I need a possibility for the UI.