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  1. Hey Karis. Take a look at altered carbon. Does it work properly? edit nevermind. I Had to redownload the video file. Don't know why , something was bad with frames, Now that i replaced the old video with the new all works.
  2. Hi is it normal that the last two files here are "not decrypted"?
  3. Hi Karis. Thanks for the new game! For the mad dogs update do I have to redownload everything or only some files are updated? Can I skip the video files? Thanks
  4. Thanks. just downloaded the framework now and i copied in script directory. Now it works Thanks
  5. Hi Karis. Nice to see you back here, we missed you! First , thanks a lot for your games and your help here. Just a note, i've redownloaded the first maddog mc cree hd and it gives me a error about missing framework,singe in the script directory. Thanks.
  6. the option for the video volume is -l (L in lowercase) so singe.exe -l 0 ............ mute the video...
  7. No Matter Karis. I found my error. I forgot to add the lines in the game.singe LvlTrophy3 = 0 LvlTrophy4 = 0 now it works !
  8. Hi Karis. I first converted my own game following your tutorial to 3.0 and everything works. But when I've updated it to 3.2 and 3.21 too it gave me an error after every last move of a level (just before changing level). Do I missed something? the error is: Error executing function 'onOverlayUpdate': ./Singe/Script/main.singe:146: atte mpt to index a nil value (field '?') I noticed that trophy.singe is vanished. No longer needed?
  9. Just a Question. for ACR: Inside the movie folder i have acr.mp4 and acrlo.mp4 Is it safe to delete acrlo.mp4? Thanks, and timegal works like a charm now!
  10. Hi Karis. Please try your timegal at level 15. Seems now that it has updates to 3.2 it cant' manage the choice move there. the 2.3 version works
  11. Simply Fantastic ! Thanks a lot Mazinger4life and Karis !
  12. Just note that if you save on level 1, scene 1, move 1, it's normal to have an empty slot. My Blame sorry. In the Hurry of testing I always saved when the game starts(no moves) Seems all ok now. Thanks for your time.