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  1. Hi POOTERMAN, any icon for Let's Go Jungle Special?
  2. solved! only owner can bypass google drive antivirus so you can and everyone else can't
  3. in my google drive there's no choice :( maybe some google configuration? can you upload on mega?
  4. i can't download 2 patches because of google drive antivirus DariusBurst/Patch/DBAC Unlock A & B for TeknoParrot.rar OG/Patch/dgVoodooWIP58.zip
  5. [Tuto] ABC After Burner Climax: How to install

    i have only 1 file abc.bin 1.5Gb what's the correct dir config? ROM FOLDER\disk0\<EMPTY> ROM FOLDER|disk1\abc.bin ?
  6. [Tuto] ABC After Burner Climax: How to install

    what is the correct file structure of After Burner Climax rom?
  7. I have several games that do not work in Teknoparrot. when I try to run them the start screen starts and then it returns to the graphical interface of Teknoparrot. I am therefore not able to understand what the problem is (file missing in roms, graphics card problems, etc.) Is it possible to set up a log file that I can analyze to try to solve the problem?
  8. yes thank you any hope for Let's Go Safari?
  9. any hope for: - Fast n Furious - Let's go Safari icons?
  10. with each passing day TeknoParrot s increasingly similar to MAME Borg "Resistance is futile, Prepare to be assimilated"
  11. It's in TeknoParrot game list and i dont' want to see the standard teknoparrot icon
  12. Hi POOTERMAN, thanks for new icons! We miss also: Let's Go Safari
  13. ok i'm in the channel (is the same link from Teknoparrot UI in about section) but where are patch & fix?