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  1. [Tuto] ABC After Burner Climax: How to install

    i have only 1 file abc.bin 1.5Gb what's the correct dir config? ROM FOLDER\disk0\<EMPTY> ROM FOLDER|disk1\abc.bin ?
  2. [Tuto] ABC After Burner Climax: How to install

    what is the correct file structure of After Burner Climax rom?
  3. I have several games that do not work in Teknoparrot. when I try to run them the start screen starts and then it returns to the graphical interface of Teknoparrot. I am therefore not able to understand what the problem is (file missing in roms, graphics card problems, etc.) Is it possible to set up a log file that I can analyze to try to solve the problem?
  4. yes thank you any hope for Let's Go Safari?
  5. any hope for: - Fast n Furious - Let's go Safari icons?
  6. with each passing day TeknoParrot s increasingly similar to MAME Borg "Resistance is futile, Prepare to be assimilated"
  7. It's in TeknoParrot game list and i dont' want to see the standard teknoparrot icon
  8. Hi POOTERMAN, thanks for new icons! We miss also: Let's Go Safari
  9. ok i'm in the channel (is the same link from Teknoparrot UI in about section) but where are patch & fix?
  10. @POOTERMAN can you make a Groove Coaster 2 icon?
  11. where i can find all Teknoparrot Fix & patch posted on Discord?
  12. where i can find Let's Go Safari roms?
  13. ok, but why TeknoParrot autoupdate feature doesn't work?