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  1. Hi, I've got running afterfurner climax and outrun 2 spdx in teknoparrot but i cant got running ANY nessicaxlive or taitotypex game in teknoparrot, guide from official site seems easy as lindbergh but i dont understand why dont work. It must be a dump made specially for teknoparrot or what?. Any idea to help?. The most strange is that rastan saga or elevator action (nessicaxlive) run whitout teknoparrot, but its impossible past from an attempt a-when at launch the game turn back to teknoparrot game library whitout a message error, b-or whit a black screen whit the sound windows error (windows 10 x64), i dunno what the hell im doing wrong. Thanks. Forgot to say: Akai Katana Shin for NesicaxLive : [Hidden Content] file presents errors at decompress.