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  1. King Of Fighters 2002 Um Arcade

    yeah, this is a PS2 version with what looks to be a overlay? See how the inset coin ec overlaps the scores and writing in some screens?
  2. I got the fullscreen working with the link on my channel mate if you need it. Also auto start to fullscreen too
  3. Here is me taking this puppy to 4K... come on leaps and bounds, even since this video. Please excuse my native tongue here too :( [Hidden Content]
  4. Here is the new version with shaders and filter :D It was a great having some updates. Thanks for the info too Bruce :D [Hidden Content]
  5. Ppsspp v1.8.0 - Emulateur Psp

    One of the best emulators there is.. fantastic work been done on this one. I made a vid going into depth on this to try and do it justice with its config options... [Hidden Content]
  6. It is your CPU more than likely. You need to have over 2.5Ghz to stand a good chance of getting high quality gfx. 3Ghz+ if you want to start pumping this up to HD resolutions. The PCSX2 hardly uses a Gfx card at all, only to actually render whatever res to the screen, not to compute the actual Gfx like a normal game would. This means that on standard resolutions you would have the exact same performance from an old 8800GT card at you would from a 980ti. You would be more than likely better to stay at 2x Native on your system. Still great Gfx, but much more stable. If you push it up to 4x (1080), then you are going to start having either huge lags or skipped frames if using hacks on games such as Shadow of Colossus etc.
  7. Some help with configuring the 1.4 version. I managed to get mine stable all the way to 4k.... [Hidden Content]
  8. Megaman 64 Rom Prototype

    Is this any different than the full version of MegaMan64? I know this is the debug version, but is it any different except not being finished?
  9. Ahhhhh... thanks for that mate :D Bloody Google Translate doesnt get the finer meaning of language. Thanks for helping Deunan!
  10. Sorry for the late reply mate... you still after this game? I have to use translation to read in here and to be honest not sure if you can understand me. But if its a backup of this game you need, I have a copy?
  11. Emulation Sega Saturn

    Yabouse is good for games that it does pay. SSF will play more, in fact 95% of the games are playable on SSF. Yabause still needs work even though its been out for a while. In fact I think the RetroArch Core version of that emu seems more compatible for some reason? [Hidden Content] Here is my install for hyperSpin, the download maybe useful for those who do not use HperSpin and the DeamonTools link is a must for those who want to automatically launch with SSF
  12. Some can be found in this playlist... CLICK HERE FOR FULL PLAYLIST [Hidden Content]
  13. [Dreamcast] Ghost'n Demons - Beta

    It's already-been made as a PC version for Some Time now ... This includes the links ....
  14. Here you go mate.. the 2 player version with download.. [Hidden Content]