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  1. [Patchs] Initial D 7 Renderer.ini And Exe

    And Also 4K please
  2. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.41) | Arcade PC

    in gameloader ini i set path to teknoparrot but always getting errr, that JVSDUMP not found. But in latest release of the Loader i cant find the exe. Waht to do ?
  3. u got the file for road fighters 3d to prevent closing itself ? 

  4. [Arcade PC] Road Fighters All Decrypted (Konami)

    1 - Road Fighters 3D jgt.dll for Game Loader All RH.rar - download is offline
  5. Game Loader All Rh

    always getting error in road fighters that game hasnt startet, link to dll for all game loader is sown
  6. Tuto Lancement Des Jeux Nesica

    can someone reupp BlazBlue Central Fiction [304005 please]
  7. [Arcade PC] Chase Hq2 Decrypted And Playable (TTX)

    I still have problems using the Game Loader Tool on this game always ask me to remove the bluetooth? Wtf?
  8. [Arcade PC] Chase Hq2 Decrypted And Playable (TTX)

    [Hidden Content] Open chq2.ini and add this. # 0=EU(UK) 2=JP 3=US DEST_COUNTRY 2 COMPE_ENABLE 1 EXTRALINKCS 1 FULLSCREEN 1 JVSDISABLE 0 Save.
  9. KOF XIV Arcade i can feel it very soon...
  10. Malwarebytes will not give you as a virus and it will protect you. Enjoy.
  11. No, because i'm pray for that happen, mame doesn´t dump the game, degica doesn´t release for Steam and the android version is for stealing money throw gems. Even using the God Mode we don´t recieve 2 gems offline only credits and it doesn´t make any sence, how a user will buy 10,000 gems with 50 Euros on a mobile phone?