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  1. how to unlock songs and mod jubeat.dll and music_db.dll of jubeat knit?
  2. can i have a link for hl2ac?
  3. where can i find the original idmacdrv32 dll?
  4. fast and furious drift runs too fast for me in attract mode
  5. also, where do i get fast n furious drift?
  6. it's just a retail ps4 with custom firmware, and dissidia final fantasy might be the only game released on this "arcade PS4" system
  7. To change the subject how to fix it. puyo puyo Quest
  8. I am having this issue too.
  9. On what system did this game originally run on?
  10. hi, is there a torrent for these 3 games? - After burner Climax - Virtua Fighter 5 - Chase HQ 2
  11. No problem. I didn't even know that it was someone else.
  12. I did use Nezarn's IDShaderFix for D5 - it doesn't work because before a race starts, the game just crashes.