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  1. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.80) | Arcade PC

    How did you get it to boot on AMD? For me, the game doesnt start, TeknoBudgie just freezes up.
  2. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.80) | Arcade PC

    Initial D4 and D5 don't work for me at all. If I start ID5, it just crashes to desktop with no errors. I also can't find the cgGL.dll and ID5_fix.bat files.
  3. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.80) | Arcade PC

    When is TeknoParrot 1.70 coming out?
  4. Download links below. mega://enc2?Gg2r82u_-6P5XxczEwoltnOJ1uFWBFymJy6_UQIxzJ-Y9Zg9tSvlj_vqEfB23OH8rWMDnCP-yrUE8BDljUwRHg mega://enc2?uLzp3Dywi_fFGSYKQpyUM4xVKTk8ME7T4Q5gkpN1rsNwEoaob70uYvxNi_OkUaY_MfMWuha4eDi9bMDvM1WjOw This is Dance Dance Revolution A (MDX-001-2018042300), thanks to /1cc/. Download the latest Bemanitools 5 (4 will not work) and unpack it to the game's "contents" directory Edit prop/ea3-config.xml to set your services URL and PCBID (Optional, but recommended) Change <dest> in ea3-config.xml from J to A to select Asia region. Run config.bat to set up input and card readers If using SMX dance pads: Download the SMX.DLL from the SDK: [Hidden Content] If using SMX dance pads: Delete ddrio.dll, rename ddrio-smx.dll to ddrio.dll If using MiniMaid: Delete ddrio.dll, rename ddrio-mm.dll to ddrio.dll (untested...) Run gamestart-HD.bat to launch in HD mode Run gamestart-SD.bat to launch in SD mode (Optional) Add -w to the end of the last line in those batch files if you want to run windowed. If someone else could upload the files to a host that isn't Mega, that would be appreciated. Oh - and this is the version of Bemanitools that is required. I do not have the game files myself, so I can't help you with any errors. Ask for help here: [Hidden Content]
  5. EDIT: It starts, but once I start a map, it crashes to desktop.
  6. What version do you have? I have version 1.50
  7. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.80) | Arcade PC

    I tried the NESiCAxLive version of Street Fighter Zero 3 with it and it works...however, it's super slow. Any fix? >inb4 "why don't you just play it on mame" It's for curiosity.
  8. Can someone re upload IIDX 18?
  9. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.80) | Arcade PC

    Yes it is working now.
  10. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.80) | Arcade PC

    The link for Mach Storm is inactive atm
  11. Can you re upload your msgdb.lua for WMMT5 that fixed the broken stuff the original link seems to be down thanks.

  12. [Patchs] Initial D 7 Renderer.ini And Exe

    And Also 4K please
  13. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.80) | Arcade PC

    in gameloader ini i set path to teknoparrot but always getting errr, that JVSDUMP not found. But in latest release of the Loader i cant find the exe. Waht to do ?