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  1. I am having this issue too.
  2. On what system did this game originally run on?
  3. hi, is there a torrent for these 3 games? - After burner Climax - Virtua Fighter 5 - Chase HQ 2
  4. No problem. I didn't even know that it was someone else.
  5. I did use Nezarn's IDShaderFix for D5 - it doesn't work because before a race starts, the game just crashes.
  6. Virtua Tennis 4 does work on 1.82 - for me atleast. What doesn't work (for me atleast) is Initial D5 and Shining Force Cross Raid.
  7. >it emulates tens of arcade games wonderfully >Virtua Tennis 3, Virtua Fighter 5 and others still don't work Also..."ignorant bashing". All of the hate is justified.
  8. Why even bother with TP at this point? It'd be easier to fly to Japan and play the same games there.
  9. Does anyone know what og.7z is? EDIT: it's Operation Ghost.
  10. Initial D6, D7 and D8 don't recognize my settings and don't even start anymore. For example: when I boot up one of the games, the resolution is changed and the game runs in the background. How do I fix it? EDIT: I re-installed TP 1.81 and now it works!
  11. Anyone know why Initial D5 won't run on TP 1.80 on my end? If I start the game, it tries to load and then, it isn't responding. How do I fix this?