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  1. segatools.ini has some information about it, other than that the basic controls are the keys SDFGHJKL
  2. On the arcade, only the base files are needed to play, along side the hardware, as the hardware is tuned for the software. In the case for dumps, 3rd parties create software that translate some of the software to be able to be used with any other computer. SegaTools and MiniMe are examples.
  3. What are the addresses of your devices? They shouldn't end in 255
  4. Just made a post on that,
  5. Chunithm - yea, its encrypted, should expand to about 6.5-7 GB, and this is including the previous versions. For SDVX, the entire thing is just 12.7 GB, its not summed up with previous versions. It contains all the songs, but theres nothing worth taking up 77GB for about 1400 songs
  6. Just felt like putting it out there, the Sound Voltex Vivid Wave dump has been out for a while(months), so here's the link to a torrent site that has it. If you have questions on setup, I'll answer them. [Hidden Content] Yea its a 7z file, you're going to need WinRAR or another unarchiving software for that. Also, the game is kinda finicky, so before you post for help, see if someone else has a similar problem, and quote on that thread.
  7. Chunithm Amazon is about 2.5GB in size, not including the additional files required to play on a personal device. Along with that, Chunithm Crystal is 6GB in size. Even SDVX is <600 GB, its around 16GB, The only thing big enough would be IIDX. IIDX 25 is around 50 GB in size. Thats bc it contains videos for each song.
  8. Grievous Lady was released in Chunithm Amazon Plus, the latest version which we can use is Chunithm Amazon. [Hidden Content] Grievous Lady Master is 13+ in difficulty, and you can see it's release is in Amazon Plus. If you want to see all the songs that you can plaay, its kinda tedious, but look through eaach difficulty in the site ^, and anything under: Chunithm, Chunithm+, Chunithm Air, Air+, Star, Star+ and Amazon are available in the files. Sadly we have the encrypted data for Chunithm Crystal, but have not yet been able to make moves on that.
  9. Not with the official arcade machines, but it may be possible if you link the games to the same minime/aime server
  10. Not too sure about that, but by the looks of it, if you have both linked to the same server, it may work, but you would need to do quite a bit of networking, as the game's software is hardcoded to use a certain IP subnet. It's just my thoughts, so you can try it, but I have not tested this out. For the IP addressing, take a look at the setup text file, I believe it has that info.
  11. You will have to take it up to those that have either done that, or the people that have created the Minime server.
  12. The songs are all in a specific format, you will have to first find where the files are located in A000, and then create your own file using that format. What you could do is find the file in the Star Plus directory (if you have its files), and replace the corresponding one in Amazon. Im not too sure about the contents of the omnimix, you will have to find it on your own, or use this site to see which version of Chunithm its on: [Hidden Content]
  13. Can't do anything with the data from the disk. As I had said, the data is encrypted and cracking it is very unproductive, unless you can wait for billions of years. Only way is to get the security key, which is also hard to get.
  14. The game forces one output channel for audio, to change that use [Hidden Content], upload your chuniApp.exe file, and select "Force shared audio mode, system audio samplerate must be 48000"