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  1. I would love Jurassic Park to be sorted too, is there anyone out there that can make it happen?
  2. Yes they made an Aliens Extermination, Farcry and Swarm in the past
  3. All the games and dongles are in hand just need someone with the skills to work on them
  4. Im surprised the Chinese havent made a multi boot yet
  5. I would reach deep in my pocket to get these sorted, denny has tried loads but dont think anyone has sorted it yet
  6. Thanks NoKey but damn I thought there was some Terminator Salvation news from that picture LOL, oh well maybe someday
  7. I am having the same problem, any ideas on a fix guys. Sad 1cc is gone maybe there were instructions on there too
  8. Worked perfectly my friend thankyou
  9. So hope someone comes forward to help Denny, really appreciate your perseverance mate
  10. And I thoroughly enjoyed our chats you plonker!!! I could not agree more mate, I loved this site, really has gone pants recently. We need someone to administrate badly!!!
  11. Hi again Athlonazu385, when I press F3 it does nothing for me buddy, by any chance do you use a non euro keyboard with a different setout. Im in the UK would that make a difference, I would have thought the F keys would be the same. I boot the game then press and hold f3 but nothing happens, any help greatly appreciated mate. All the best, fire10
  12. Thankyou ill try that mate
  13. Thanks very much for this upload Athlonazu385, really great fun share mate. Could I ask how to change the resolution as I cannot seem to get the F keys to work, i tried F3 but nothing happens. Thanks again