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  1. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Has it been a while since any major news, have I missed anything as I havent checked much in the last 2 weeks but looks like it's been quiet
  2. Hopefully we will see The King Of Fighters soon too ;-)
  3. Has anyone been able to fix the brake 180 turn yet
  4. Ah well blood mode isnt listed in mine so ive added it, but 0 and 1 do not work. Be great to get some feedback from anyone if they have got it working
  5. I think this is that AVX issues.....is your cpu a bit old, if it doesnt support Advanced Vector Extensions in bios it wont work for you. I have 2 pcs 1 plays it 1 doesn't. The working one has avx the one not working doesn't
  6. I personally like to have the arcade versions but the PC version is almost exactly the same. Still has the avx issue though for some users Has anyone worked out how to enable the blood ingame, im guessing it is a testmode option but am away from my machines at the moment
  7. Ah yes if you cpu doesnt support Avx (avanced vector extensions) you will need a new cpu to play. No way around it I think. Apparently its older cpus 10 years + that you will have issues with. Real shame, snk missed a real issue there as older i7 cpus with good graphics cards can play everything happily. I know of quite a few uses that have needed to get refunds due to incompatibility which is not well documented in the game requirements. I wonder if there is a way around it
  8. Weird, I watched all the videos between fights with no issues. I'm on win 10, and graphics, 16gb ram. I also played directly from a usb flash drive and hardrive, both worked great
  9. Yep 100% Arcade, Ive seen the arcade version in the wild. :-)
  10. Played Story mode all the way through and it worked perfectly, fantastic game, thankyou
  11. Seems to work great thankyou once again for sharing with us
  12. Absolutely blown away by the incredible releases recently like SFV and now this. Just to say a huge thankyou to everyone involved and Layer for this upload, its truly appreciated
  13. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Did anyone else get to these links early before they got taken down