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  1. [Util] Insert Crédits

    Brilliant Spindizzi I love this project mate, thankyou buddy!!!
  2. Same issue for me, they run from C:/name of game/rawart/sdaemon.exe but not from other drives
  3. ICE Arcade Restore Discs

    Thanks again for these Mutleey much appreciated mate
  4. Hopefully someone can use these hotd4 cursors, they are taken from the ps3 version of house of the dead 4, they need cleaning up and resizing but if anyone can help with this it would be very much appreciated. The ps3 screenshot is also there to aid with correct resizing [Hidden Content]
  5. Does anyone know what the last update to Demul was, so hoping this awesome emulator will get worked on again. There are only a few bugs now, hopefully I can find a way to stop the micro stuttering every now and again. I heard you could apparently set pagefile space for demul and that would stop it, no idea how to do that though lol. Be great if they could fix that wave race gp board issue completely too, they really have done an incredible job with the emulator. The Hikaru emulation isnt a million miles off either :-(
  6. Ah ok maybe that video I posted was a multiboot lindbergh and someone had added the cursor
  7. Hi mate yep thanks for your script. The arcade from what I can see did have cursors, exactly the same ones that were used in the ps3 version too. Very strange why they dont show up in the game, I cant seem to find an option in test mode PS3 cursor1.cur cursor2.cur Here are the correct cursors but they are unfortunately about a 1/3 of the size they need to be
  8. Hi guys does anyone have the correct crosshair cursors for HOTD4 pleae that would be great
  9. Really looking forward to Time Crisis Razing Storm and Deadstorm pirates being perfectly emulated
  10. These shader look absolutely incredible. I understand what Safur means about audio distortion in Demul I have only had it with Crazy Taxi so far, maybe everything together is resource hungry but it looks sooooo goood. Thanks so much Houb. Could we tweek resources or is that something that is not modifiable
  11. I will buddy, keep up the incredible work. Cant wait to try the demul version out
  12. Well just tried this out with the pc version of metal slug XX Damn its awesome. Great work guys and the scanlines breakup the image pixel perfect. Top stuff indeed
  13. Thanks MOHKERZ for yet another release, just remember guys MOHKERZ = LEGEND dont be rude, be thankful things will get fixed if people take time to read the readme and detail their issues
  14. Just to let you know that RaidenIVN-HD AC link is not working mate, cheers for your work
  15. IGS Power Truck

    Brilliant news if you can mate thankyou