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  1. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.21 Publique) | Arcade PC

    Hey Nucleaireland im super impressed with how well you have matched the original game font style, incredible work mate!
  2. MAME / MAMEUI / ARCADE 0.192

    Thanks for the upload lo585983 its cool to have all the roms in the same version. Does this one support card making and loading as I still cannot get it to work :-( Alos has anyone been anle to get this to work with rocketlauncher as none of these mame version seem to be compatible with its latest a mame module get an error every time
  3. MAME / MAMEUI / ARCADE 0.192

    Brilliant thanks mate
  4. MAME / MAMEUI / ARCADE 0.192

    Thankyou very much mate ill try them out when I get home, I really appreciate that
  5. MAME / MAMEUI / ARCADE 0.192

    I will try it mate thanksyou. Is there any chance you could mega file me in a pm your setup for me to test
  6. MAME / MAMEUI / ARCADE 0.192

    Still no luck mate, I am using the arcade-PGM2-new-src version. I have all the cards in a folder called cards named Player 1.pg2 Player 2.pg2 Player 3.pg2 Player 4.pg2 but upon trying to load a card it just says Internal Error. would you be able to share just a copy of your mame minus the roms. Thankyou mate sorry to be a pain
  7. MAME / MAMEUI / ARCADE 0.192

    Hi again thankyou ill try this again tomorrow and post back
  8. MAME / MAMEUI / ARCADE 0.192

    Thankyou mate but I still have a problem. I start the game and press tab then go to file manager. I then create a card for player 1 first and name it Player 1.pg2 but when I press enter to save it I get an internal error? I tried the same way for all players but still no joy. also is anyone able to load these version through rocketlauncher as I get an error when doing that also. Many thanks
  9. MAME / MAMEUI / ARCADE 0.192

    Sorry guys could you explain how to make the cards, thankyou.
  10. MAME / MAMEUI / ARCADE 0.192

    Thanks for the update mate much appreciated
  11. MAME / MAMEUI / ARCADE 0.192

    Ah great thanks mate. Ddp doj looks good, had not heard about that. I keep trying to launch roms via arcade 64 through rocketlauncher but always get an error fatal error 081267ab:Gb undefined Thumb instruction:b2a4, works fine from the exe though is it something to do with how this version of arcade 64 is compiled?
  12. MAME / MAMEUI / ARCADE 0.192

    Ah ok mate thanks for the info. Its strange as I have dodon pachi dai fukkatsu Black Label and it boots and plays great in a newish version of nonag mame that I have but not the new arcade 64 mame posted here. Im guessing kov3 and kof98umh Great work with all the info mate really appreciate it!
  13. MAME / MAMEUI / ARCADE 0.192

    Yes mate that worked loaded up in English in the new arcade 64 1.92 posted :-) Hopefully someone could post up the newer roms that work with this version too. Dodon Black label, kof98umh are 2 that dont seem to work for me. Also guys is there a no nag version of Arcade 64 or am i missing an option. I usually download the nonag builds over on the hyperspin forum as there are several users that build their own versions and share.
  14. MAME / MAMEUI / ARCADE 0.192

    LOL this thread is so active at the moment I managed to miss that. I guess we open the orenl2 rom in the full pack posted just below it and replace the file in it with the oversea hack the same as the kov2nl fix posted. I have prepared the rom just need to try it. Unfortunately all my new roms are not working with the new Arcade 64 1.92 version posted. My kov2nl and akai Katana work but my dodon black label and oriental legend 2 dont load?
  15. MAME / MAMEUI / ARCADE 0.192

    No worries mate, where did you see the link to that file mate I must have missed it as the link 7 posts up if for card support version of mam arcade 64 and 32