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  1. Just to confirm to anyone reading the thread, this seems to be the start of a new method of Singe 2 game porting for Hypseus..... Also seems to be a little more Windows friendly than my original method...
  2. Hypseus Singe - Modern SDL2 Daphne and Singe Laserdisc emulator Windows client : [Hidden Content] Windows .bat files: [Hidden Content] Windows client documentation: [Hidden Content] MacOS X client on github Site: [Hidden Content] HD M2V video files (cobra, badlands, roadblaster): [Hidden Content] Super Don Quix-ote 4K M2V: [Hidden Content] Esh's Aurunmilla 4k M2V: [Hidden Content] Cliff Hanger 4k M2V: [Hidden Content] Thayer's Quest HD M2V (via LizardKing): [Hidden Content] Game data collection: [Hidden Content] (External) Emuline game content : [Hidden Content] 'drop-in' Daphne replacement 4K .m2v Daphne support Alternate Daphne overlay choices Enhanced SDL2 Singe support Singe: Arcade JoyStick support Singe: Sinden/DolphinBar Lightgun support PNG screenshots Advanced multiple joystick support in Daphne Original Scoreboard (software) feature Modern SDL2 graphic acceleration and enhancements Windows, MacOS X and Linux (Raspberry Pi) releases .bat file HOWTO Guide: [Hidden Content] 4K Road Blaster: 4K Badlands: 4k Cliff Hanger: 4k Super Don Quix-ote 4k Esh's Aurunmilla Original Scoreboard (software): Scanlines and blanking searches (laserdisc/crt): Sinden borders (Multi Color): : Original posting Information: I don't know how many of you guys have been keeping an eye on the Hypseus project, development seemed to have stalled for some time in porting Daphne to modern SDL2. This project has looked to move it forward..... I will be tracking it here.
  3. Still not clear though, is it running in Hypseus or Singe 2 ? Sorry you maybe missed my edit above....
  4. I think you have tackled this is a completely different way to me. And that is no bad thing - Mine was never perfect and this is true open source gaming I am curious on how you have this all setup now, and you appear to have maintained the Singe 2 folder structure - I never did that. Hypseus needs the .m2v - it cannot use the MP4 - so yes you need to keep that, but don't need the MP4 in the singe folder. You really need to share this now, PM me if you like - I am so curious on how you got this up and working..... Makes sense, but true Wild West stuff Or did I get all excited for nothing, as this is running in Singe 2 engine ?
  5. You managed to follow my sparse instructions thus far on GitHub, I don't think you give yourself enough credit.
  6. Posting this here as a reminder to myself, if we get higher resolution video for Hypseus gun games. With any lightgun (DolphinBar, WiiMote etc) the following -sinden argument (as a minimum) is probably going to be needed for sprite alignment: -sinden 1 x But only in Windows with the higher resolution video.
  7. It sounds to me as though the MP4 video in Singe 2 isn't exactly the same as the original. Which bearing in mind what we have just discussed above, isn't surprising. If you have managed to convert it without dropping frames etc - again great news - DarkVoid watch out But I think your options now may be limited to converting/porting the Singe 2 LUA to use the converted video. i.e. become Karis#2 - If you have any coding experience it will become fairly self explanatory after a little while. And is pretty much the same for each game once you have done one. Be aware that you can swap, or recreate sprite graphics (.png), around to get the original look and feel of the Singe 1 game. Pretty much make your own game or at least customise the game. If you get it going PLEASE share it so we can all enjoy. Also, thanks for discovering the issue with larger resolutions on the gun games, we hadn't got there yet. But a sane fix applied to the codebase for next release. It's fantastic to see all this interest.
  8. Two separate things here: As we have found in the Daphne video conversions recently, Topaz is pretty bad at keeping framerate and frame count accurate (it isn't tunable enough - in fact it has very little config options), so when you do an upscale conversion, frames get dropped and timings messed around. What you are seeing is a bad conversion with frame mismatching. DarkVoid666 and I worked out a process for limiting this, but it is not always 100%. ffmpeg is pretty (to very) accurate at the conversions, but obviously doesn't have the 'enhancement' filters of Topaz. We used ffmpeg to 'clean' the original m2v before passing it through Topaz to match FPS with expectations, but some video is just problematic. Using the Singe 2 code and graphics and the messed up overlay, means you need to look more into the LUA sprite positioning. Some of the games have hardcoded x and y co-ordinates that will need work in Hypseus. You will be able to fix it, but it will take some tuning and learning. I performed this on all the Singe 2 games that are converted/ported over. I didn't tackle the 'gun' games as we have them already working from Singe 1.
  9. @Tremolux Also try this new .exe across all the resolution with -sinden [Hidden Content]
  10. @Tremolux Just out of interest, can you try using '-x 1280 -y 1080' on your 4k video ? Does that make any difference ? Ignore this.
  11. Spot on. The sound is sent from the (original arcade) ROM to the emulated CPU and needs to be processed by the on-board sound chips. The issue seems to be no one is clear on the schematics, and design, of the sound chip used. So there is a lack of documentation, and data sheets, on how to emulate the sound chip.
  12. Provided I can grab it - no issues there. You are too kind, I did it mainly for me, glad others are enjoying. Bit of a gamble as I don't yet have the Sinden myself, but lots of reading and user help seems it's all good Singe 2 and Hypseus are really different beasts, but it gives people options. Karis does some amazing work here, and I just take his efforts and make them work in Hypseus if possible (with some caveats). Hypseus does indeed support Daphne, and it has a few nice new features, including an advanced control system for joysticks etc. But don't hold your breathe on getting GP World sound any time soon....
  13. Ok, I just converted the Singe 2 MP4 quickly via ffmpeg, and apart from a few extra logo's added it looks the same. Obviously though this is not upscaled and enhanced. Yes, please if you could provide the 1440x1080 video via MEGA, I may be able to track down why the larger resolution is causing an issue. All 'gun' games thus far have been 720x480 so I have no comparisons. Hat's off to you for figuring the MP4's were compatible and it's really good to see others attempting to port stuff over. Also using all the new arguments in the batch files to get best presentation. Viva open source gaming !!!!
  14. I was looking for a specific entry indicating if the window size was repainted, but appears not. So, just so I am clear: You are using the original Singe 1 LUA code and graphics for johnyrock, but with a converted Singe 2 MP4 via Topaz and ffmpeg ? The converted MP4 is 1440x1080 (4:3)? No other LUA changes, so as [Hidden Content] ? Edit: Can you put the converted video in Mega, so I can do some testing ?
  15. Wow, OK I wasn't even aware that the Singe 2 johnnyrock MP4 was compatible with the Singe 1 LUA..... !! I didn't list it in my Singe 2 ported games section, as I haven't tried it. I guess the Singe 2 video must be just the original video conjoined and converted to MP4..... That is good (and surprising) news. Will need to investigate further. In regard to the issue you are having, can you post the log output ? Edit: Or did you actually do the Singe 2 LUA porting yourself ?
  16. Excellent news - thanks for confirming Can you be more specific - not sure what you are referring to here..... What upscaling did you do ? What game and arguments etc ?
  17. @Tremolux Heya, I have altered the code and (re-)released 2.6.16 Windows version in the repo. Can you download this zip again. You then only need to take the hypseus.exe from the new zip and add it to your existing directory (overwriting). [Hidden Content] Don't use the -manymouse argument, (was introduced mainly for Linux), and it doesn't seem to work correctly in Windows. Just use the -sinden argument. I don't have my Sinden yet (still waiting), so have been developing mainly from Sinden user feedback. However, conducting tests with DophinBar this seems to work in Windows. Hopefully also fixing the need to resize to 640x480. Let me know if that helps. Edit: Could you also verify if specifying a 16:9 ratio (-x 1920 -y 1080) still works accurately ?
  18. Sound has never been implemented on GPWorld unfortunately. [Hidden Content]
  19. @FP125 The Singe 2 games on archive.org are outdated. Grab the latest Singe 2 version of the games, from Karis, in the first post of this thread:
  20. @FP125 Unfortunately, the original Daphne cannot support higher resolution for most games, except lair, lair2, ace and tq. This was an early experimental feature with OpenGL in obsolete SDL1. So Roadblaster/Cliff Hanger etc will never be available in Daphne in higher than the original resolution. I still use these excellent @sirdrak remasters for lair and ace in Hypseus, as there is little point in trying to improve. Hypseus allows us increase this range of games as it uses modern SDL2. When you reference "the large files which Hypseus Singe uses", are you referring to the file size or resolution ? But just to be clear here, Hypseus can use any file size or resolution. If you don't want the full 4k video, you can easily resize these videos with ffmpeg I quickly converted the 4k sdq video to 1080p within about 10 mins on an average PC using: ffmpeg.exe -i sdq-4k.m2v -an -qscale:v 4 -b:v 4182k -vf scale=1440:1080 -codec:v mpeg2video sdq-1080.m2v You can alter the bitrate (-b:v) or resize (scale=) to whatever you want with parameters. I got the SDQ file down from 2.8Gb to 1.6Gb with the above command. If you don't want to re-code, you can always use the -x and -y parameters to ask Hypseus to resize the resolution for you, otherwise SDL2 will figure out how best to display the resolution on the screen display automatically, particularly with -fullscreen. Any of these resolutions will work in Hypseus. Use the 4k files as the highest quality source available for re-coding to whatever you would like, including 16:9 cropping if you really want to do that. If we had only provided 1080p Hypseus files, someone would have asked for the 4k versions. You can't cater for everyone unfortunately. At least if you start at the highest quality, it is easier for anyone with 2c of interest to downsize (without remastering) using simple tools....
  21. Mad Dog 2: Typing Edition A Singe curio, which is a conversion of Mad Dog 2 to a typing game a la Typing of the Dead.
  22. For those familiar with Daphne, this should be a direct drop-in replacement. Contains many additional features and SDL2 enhancements: Windows, MacOS X and Linux (Raspberry Pi) Windows Client: [Hidden Content] Main Site: [Hidden Content] Emuline Thread:
  23. I wished I could give a config file that worked for everyone, but everyone's setup is different, and Windows is worse than Linux in this respect. You need to configure your joystick config, either through something like [Hidden Content] or using joystick to keyboard mapping utils such as xpadder for your setup. I have made hypinput.ini simpler to configure than the original Daphne dapinput.ini, but it still requires you to invest some time... But once it's done. you can copy the .ini file to as many places as you have Hypseus.
  24. You can either use something like xpadder, or alter the config file 'hypinput.ini' file in the same folder to map joystick keys. The default control keys are: [KEYBOARD] KEY_UP = SDLK_UP 0 0 -002 KEY_DOWN = SDLK_DOWN 0 0 +002 KEY_LEFT = SDLK_LEFT 0 0 -001 KEY_RIGHT = SDLK_RIGHT 0 0 +001 KEY_COIN1 = SDLK_5 0 0 KEY_COIN2 = SDLK_6 0 0 KEY_START1 = SDLK_1 0 0 KEY_START2 = SDLK_2 0 0 KEY_BUTTON1 = SDLK_LCTRL 0 0 KEY_BUTTON2 = SDLK_LALT 0 0 KEY_BUTTON3 = SDLK_SPACE 0 0 KEY_SKILL1 = SDLK_LSHIFT 0 0 KEY_SKILL2 = SDLK_z 0 0 KEY_SKILL3 = SDLK_x 0 0 KEY_SERVICE = SDLK_9 0 0 KEY_TEST = SDLK_F2 0 0 KEY_RESET = SDLK_0 0 0 KEY_SCREENSHOT = SDLK_F12 0 0 KEY_QUIT = SDLK_ESCAPE 0 0 KEY_PAUSE = SDLK_p 0 0 KEY_CONSOLE = SDLK_BACKSLASH 0 0 KEY_TILT = SDLK_t 0 0 END Further details are here: [Hidden Content]