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  1. Jeff Gordon XS Racing, remastered

    anyone has no-cd crack for this?
  2. Simulate X360 controllers when you just have a keyboard

    Can't get it to work with Lindbergh games but it works perfectly with other Teknoparrot games, what to do?
  3. [Help] Dolphin 5.0 (dépannage)

    How to install Wiiware DLC on Android Dolphin? The menu has no option to install DLC .wad files, or do I need dumped/emulated NAND files to install them?
  4. Does it still hangs with anything older than GTX 10 series graphics card?
  5. [PC] Arcade Flying Games Recommendations

    It's a full fidelity DCS module so it's definitely not arcade.
  6. Mame Solar Assault

    Anyone know how to fix stage 3 hang?
  7. MAME & clones 0.212

    here's the full bios [Hidden Content]
  8. Controls doesn't seem to work at all on GTI Club, not even test/service mode. What to do?
  9. Does that mean TP now supports WMMT5 Banapass saving?
  10. [PC] Racing Recommendations

    Super Bomberman isn't a racing game
  11. I'm keep getting "calibration failed" error using both patched and Mohkerz loader.
  12. I'm using Ridge Racer 7 3D (NPUB30457) with that build and I'm keep getting hangs after finishing the first race of a tour, and can't get any higher FPS than 30. Happens on official build as well.
  13. How to obtain another car in ID8? According to the homepage it can be done in Garage menu but I don't find any option for that [Hidden Content]