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  1. Anyone have the files for Project Sylpheed - 6 New Missions & Weapons + Leaderboards DLC? [Hidden Content] update: nevermind, found it
  2. Jeff Gordon XS Racing, remastered

    anyone has no-cd crack for this?
  3. Simulate X360 controllers when you just have a keyboard

    Can't get it to work with Lindbergh games but it works perfectly with other Teknoparrot games, what to do?
  4. [Help] Dolphin 5.0 (dépannage)

    How to install Wiiware DLC on Android Dolphin? The menu has no option to install DLC .wad files, or do I need dumped/emulated NAND files to install them?
  5. Does it still hangs with anything older than GTX 10 series graphics card?
  6. [PC] Arcade Flying Games Recommendations

    It's a full fidelity DCS module so it's definitely not arcade.
  7. Mame Solar Assault

    Anyone know how to fix stage 3 hang?
  8. MAME & clones 0.214

    here's the full bios [Hidden Content]
  9. Controls doesn't seem to work at all on GTI Club, not even test/service mode. What to do?
  10. Does that mean TP now supports WMMT5 Banapass saving?
  11. [PC] Racing Recommendations

    Super Bomberman isn't a racing game
  12. I'm keep getting "calibration failed" error using both patched and Mohkerz loader.
  13. I'm using Ridge Racer 7 3D (NPUB30457) with that build and I'm keep getting hangs after finishing the first race of a tour, and can't get any higher FPS than 30. Happens on official build as well.