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  1. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r787

    I've actually done a few races with a friend. The emulators run in slow motion when networking, due to the fact that for some reason when networked Supermodel crashes in multicore mode, meaning you can only use one CPU core, so I've sped the videos up afterwards to give the approximation of full speed . This is 2 emulators on one PC.
  2. Thanks for this dude, you're a legend ! I did a fresh install of the game then using J-config 06, configured the controls on my 360 pad whilst keeping Dinput selected and everything works perfectly now. X-Axis is now no longer too sensitive and the jump height works correctly, all without altering the sliders in the additional config screen for Jump height or X-axis sensitivity. @POOTERMAN Gaz my man, you might want to give this a try.
  3. I wouldn't have thought to try that, but could give it a go. TBH, I could try this with my racing wheel, I've just not been arsed to get it out the cupboard and set up.
  4. I wonder if it's connected with what type of speaker setup you've got? I've just got a stereo speaker setup with a subwoofer and the music plays OK through both. Are you using a 5.1 surround setup or anything unusual?
  5. Here's what the jump looks like when you manage to pull it off (oo-er missus) properly
  6. Sorry Gaz, I should explain. The slider doesn't make you jump, it just stops the boat from jumping too far when you manage to do it correctly. If your controls are incorrectly configured there's probably no point trying to attempt it, you'll only end up wanting to stick your fist through your monition. Once the J-config controls are working properly I'm sure you'll be able to do it easily!
  7. Ah, here we go. the solution to the jumping too far problem.
  8. Indeed mate, it's the same problem I've been having in the 05 version, the 360 pad buttons are mapping in a completely different configuration to what I'm actually inputting. The 04 J-Config worked correctly for me, apart from the X-Axis being sensitive.
  9. I've seen a workaround for this somewhere, I think it's in the Tekknoparrot thread.
  10. Gaz, you can perform a jump anywhere on the track, it doesn't have to be off the ramps. Take your finger of the accelerator, hit the brake and a microsecond later hit the Nitro to do the jump. It's the same way jumping worked in the original Hydro Thunder. Oddly it seems to behave differently in Teknoparrot than in the way to do it in J-config (which is the one I just explained here). In Teknoparrot all you have to do is hit the brake whilst you're boosting and you'll jump, even if you're still accelerating.
  11. This is the same issue I was having with H2Overdrive in the 05 version (although I see on the front page it's now been updated up to 06). Cheers for the info Gaz, I'll try deleting that BIN file if I have any more issues with it. Edit: Thanks for the info too spiderzsoft!
  12. House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn??? Oh man, that's awesome if turns out to be true.
  13. Ha ha, yes cultural idioms can be a bit of a minefield if you're not a native English speaker. It means 'I'm all over that shit' which in itself means 'I've already done/am doing that'. The only phrase in German I know is Ich bin ein ausländer.
  14. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.270/23) | Arcade PC

    That's weird, I did a fresh install both times and still had the issue