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  1. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.90) | Arcade PC

    To be totally honest, I've never actually played it I somehow managed to miss pretty much all of the Lindbergh games when they were actually doing the rounds in the arcades back then, which I think was mainly due to the fact that the arcade scene over here in the UK was pretty much on the decline from the early 2000's onwards. The only one I can actually remember playing in an arcade was House of the Dead 4. I've played a bit of the Model 3 Harley Davidson game though: My last true arcade holy grail that's yet to be released/hacked/emulated is H2Overdrive, although I must admit it'd be nice if Star Wars Battle Pod were to ever see the light of day in Teknoparrot...
  2. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.90) | Arcade PC

    Wasn't planning on it TBH, I've never been that fussed about GRID - too sim-like for me. Had a demo on PS3 years ago and everytime I played it I used to go barreling off every single corner unless I slowed to a crawl = no fun. I 'acquired' a copy of GRID 2 for the PC a few years back, and likewise I just couldn't get into it. Looked nice though.
  3. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.90) | Arcade PC

    Thanks for the link to your other post my man, some useful info (and your Ren and Stimpy GIF was amusingly bopping in time to some DnB I had on in the background). I no doubt will either upgrade to Win 10 or look into the possibility of dual booting between 10 and 7 at some point, but at the moment it feels like more hassle than it's worth, particularly as I've got After Burner Climax, House of the Dead 4 and Outrun Online arcade on PS3 (as well as the 'fixed' version of Outrun 2 on PC). I'm not really that super fussed about the other Lindbergh games, (I've never been a big Virtua Fighter fan), probably the one game that could swing it for me is Sega Race TV... I've never played it before, but I've always been keen to give it a try as it was Yu Suzuki's last game for Sega.
  4. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.90) | Arcade PC

    It might be worth having a look at some of the links to the BYOAC forum in the video description. Maybe you might find some advice that helps?
  5. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.90) | Arcade PC

    Yep, knew about it (only found out fairly recently though), but I can't play any of the Lindbergh games in Teknoparrot because I still use Windows 7 not 10. I'm still using the PC version of Outrun Coast 2 Coast which, now the FFB and bloom have been fixed in it, is almost as good as SPDX I reckon
  6. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.90) | Arcade PC

    I had a similar issue when I was trying to get the old school Windows version of Daytona USA working on my PC for a video i was making - totally overwrote my Daytona Championship USA folder I had on the C drive (no warning about overwriting stuff or anything, just BOOM, everything previously in the folder gone). Fortunately I had the game backed up on an external drive, but for whatever reason, I was never able to get the original Howard C FFB mod working with it again. Fortunately though, with a bit of finagling, I was eventually able to get Boomslang's FFB mod working instead. Anyway, good advice from naderkadd1981.
  7. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.90) | Arcade PC

    Nice one mate! I never realised you could just add the UI as a shortcut to your desktop and launch directly into the game with the game profile. This'll be dead handy for all those extra versions of Sega Rally 3 I made using the Revo tracks. I must insist, however, on using my own painstakingly hand crafted icons on the desktop.
  8. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.90) | Arcade PC

    Gaz my man, are you using .bat files to do this? I want to do the same thing, and whilst I know what I'm doing with .bat's for stuff like MAME, Supermodel and M2 Emulator, trying to do the same thing for Teknoparrot has left me scratching my head owing to the fact that I've got all the game's and their EXEs in separate folders to the actual TP one, unlike the other emulators which normally have a roms folder with all the games in contained in the emulator folder itself. If you're using .bats what commands are you launching with? If you're not using .bats how are you launching the games?
  9. Which Version of Outrun 2 is the best? Video Discussion

    I think Howard's looking at doing something about that, but I'm not 100% sure to be honest with you.
  10. Which Version of Outrun 2 is the best? Video Discussion

    Sure. With the exception of the PSP all versions of the game ran at 60fps -Xbox Outrun 2: Arguably the best looking 6th Generation console version of the game; can display in 480p anamorphic widescreen and upscales nicely into 720p when played on an Xbox 360 (although does suffer from some occasional frame rate judder and sometimes problems when transitioning from one course to another on 360). Contained the original 15 OR2 tracks and 12 cars (4 more than the arcade Chihiro game) and lots of original mission modes and challenges. It also contained two bonus courses that weren't subsequently included in Coast 2 Coast or Outrun Online Arcade, made up of tracks from the old Sega arcade racers Scud Race and Daytona USA 2. The Japanese Xbox version of the original Outrun 2 had some cosmetic and minor gameplay changes made to the bonus stages to make them look and play more accurately to the Scud Race and Daytona 2 arcade games, so the Japanese version is arguably the best version of Outrun 2. There's no force feedback ability if you're using a wheel, but outstanding controls with an Xbox Joypad, with incredibly intuitive rumble that lets you feel all the gear changes and bumps in the road. Easy to use system link (for I think a maximum of 6 players?) if you've got multiple Xboxs with a good stable game connection throughout. To me, feels like the hardest version of the game. The hard level cars actually feel hard to control, especially with manual transmission. Also contained a bonus unlockable version of the original 1986 Outrun. -Coast 2 Coast on consoles: Although C2C didn't include the bonus stages from Outrun 2, it did include all 15 stages from the original arcade version of Outrun 2 and the 15 new stages from Outrun 2 SP. It also included extra cars (bringing the total up to 15) and special souped up versions of all the regular cars. Whereas the original Outrun 2 had been an Xbox exclusive, the home ports of Outrun 2 SP were multi-system, with the original Xbox, PS2, PSP (and later PC) receiving a version of the game. Allegedly, this lead to a slight reduction in the quality of the graphics on the Xbox port, as the game was developed as a multi-platform title that had to account for the PS2 and PSP which weren’t as graphically powerful as the Xbox. I was always under the impression though that the slight quality drop was due to the fact that Coast 2 Coast just contained so much more content than the original Outrun 2, so some compromises had to be made. It's not super noticeable, but the anti-aliasing on the cars seems a tiny bit more jaggy and the draw distance on the road markings isn't quite so good. Not sure about the PSP, but both OG Xbox and PS2 support widescreen 480p with the OG Xbox version being once again backwards compatible with 360, and unlike the original OR2, running with no glitches that I could notice and looking nice upscaled to 720p. Original Xbox is the best looking console version with PS2 coming 2nd and PSP 3rd. The Japanese version of C2C on the PS2 had it's name changed back to Outrun 2 SP and had some end of stage animations from the arcade version of OR2SP added back in that are missing from all the other home versions and also some extra music too. It's also the only version of C2C that has working force feedback for steering wheels. I can't comment on the control on the 2 PlayStation games, but with a pad, Coast 2 Coast handles just as well as Outrun 2. The Xbox system link option is as equally easy to set-up as OR2 and offers an equally good stable connection. The game also had a load of challenge and mission modes, with the nice touch that some of them would feature courses that would mix and match stages from both SP and OR2. Coast 2 Coast also added in the ability to slipstream the CPU traffic and rivals and featured some new animations in the bunki sections of the game (where you transition from one stage to the next) that would differ depending on how well you did in the stage. Arguably easier than OR2. Collisions are punished far more severely in Outrun 2, with the player losing a lot of speed if you drift into traffic or a CPU opponent. Coast 2 Coast by comparison seems to allow you to pretty much plough through other cars, trucks and buses with only minimal speed loss. Hard level cars feel a fair bit easier to control in this version too. It also adds in a Marathon mode allowing you to race all 15 SP or OR2 tracks back-to-back. Also features a special dusk mode for the first Palm Beach course from OR2 and a night mode for the Sunny Beach stage from OR2SP when played in Time Attack. -Coast 2 Coast on PC: Contains all the content of the console versions. The first true HD version of the game, supporting resolutions up to 1080p, however it didn’t include any bloom effects (the optical effect where light from a bright source, such as a the Sun, appears to leak into surrounding objects) The PC version of Coast 2 Coast featured no rumble functionality whatsoever for joypads and was not optimised for racing wheels. You could plug your wheel in and use it, but the game would treat it the same as a joypad, meaning there was a massive deadzone on the wheel’s X axis. You can set-up a wireless LAN using the PC version of C2C very easily, but the connection is very temperamental and prone to failing. The in game timers will get out of sync, cars will warp all over the screen, PCs will totally de-sync. Members of the gaming community were able to help fix these shortcomings though. The OR2 FXT hack (created by Howard Casto) added rumble for joypads, corrected the deadzone in racing wheels and also added force feedback to the game. The hack also allows you to swap out music in the game and change the appearance of parts of the in game menus to appear more arcade like as well as lots of other stuff. Sometime after this it was discovered that the bloom effects actually were in the PC version of Outrun Coast 2 Coast, but were contained in an incorrect folder when the game installed. By simply cutting and pasting a file called lens flare offset.bin from the game’s media folder into the games common folder, it enabled the effects! With all these fixes added to the game it is now arguably the best version of Coast 2 Coast. -Outrun Online Arcade (PS3 & Xbox 360): A digital only version of the game that contained only the 15 SP tracks, as well as a reduction in the number of cars back to 10 and a reduced selection of tunes. Displays in 720p HD, but looks significantly better than the PC version as it has superior bloom effects (it looks way better, even with the bloom effects in the correct folder and working on the PC). The bloom here looks a lot nicer than the Xbox versions of OR2 and Coast 2 Coast as well (It's been mentioned to me that the Xbox version of Coast also has issues with it's bloom - the sun is completely missing in the OG Xbox version for the OutRun 2 SP courses, most notably, in the opening Sunny Beach stage the Sun is suppose to be visible and shining when you climb the first hill). Despite being a highly stripped down version of Coast 2 Coast the game did feature the end of course animations that were missing in all the other versions of Coast 2 Coast, apart from the Japanese PS2, and it also featured force feedback for racing wheels too. It also lets you play the Heart attack mission modes and features the 15 stage Marathon mode. I've never played the 360 version, but playing on a PS3 with a pad, the rumble functions are extremely week, to the point I can barely feel it do anything with the settings at maximum (also I hate playing racing games using the R2 and L2 triggers on a Dualshock 3 pad, your fingers constantly feel like they want to slip off them). Despite the lack of rumble, the game handles really well and has the easier handling of C2C rather than OR2. Was playable online back in the day, but no local system link options. Has been de-listed now, so you can no longer purchase it from PSN or XBLA. -Outrun 2 SPDX (Teknoparrot): The actual arcade version of Outrun 2 SP DX hacked to run on Windows 10 PCs. I own Windows 7 so haven't been able to play it (boo!) but from what I see it's just as nice looking as Outrun Online Arcade (in terms of bloom) and it's got ALL 15 OR2 and SP stages in and you can play it in resolutions up to 4K. Also supports FFB and network play. Doesn't feature all the content from Coast 2 Coast, with some cars missing and none of the challenge modes. The graphics can apparently be problematic when played in Tekknoparrot without certain downloadable fixes. Wow, wasn't planning on that turning into an essay, but there you go. PC version, played with all the fixes using a wheel is the best version for my money. If I ever upgrade to Windows 10, that may change...
  11. Hey friends, I've made a half hour discussion video all about Outrun 2 and it's variants (Coast 2 Coast, Online Arcade and SP) as well as some of the regional differences in the games between Eastern and Western releases. If you're a fan of the series please check it out. Thanks!
  12. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.90) | Arcade PC

    Ahhhh, nice one mate! I didn't look hard enough. Cheers!
  13. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.90) | Arcade PC

    Hey all, despite not being a Windows 10 owner, I decided to download Outrun 2 SP, just so I've got a copy stashed somewhere (for when I eventually upgrade) in case the link ever goes down. But seems I'm too late??? The link from page 1 doesn't want to work in Megadownloader 'saying object not found'. Has anybody got an alternative download link please? Thanks in advance!
  14. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.90) | Arcade PC

    No word on Star Wars Battle Pod getting dumped anywhere yet then?
  15. [Emu W.I.P] Cxbx/XQemu Emulateur Xbox sur PC

    Bam! Yeah, it's not playable, but it's still pretty awesome seeing the actual Chihiro version of Outrun 2 (well, the beta at any rate) loading up this far on an emulator.