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  1. I assume that it's not publicly distributed? In the market for up-to-date data
  2. That would be awesome; thank you for that. Where did you get the blue a20 dump from though? Is it actually 2020 data?
  3. Did you modify the sqlite data? Make sure the card data is syntactically accurate or if you have a text file for the card ID, ensure it is in the correct format. I am also curious about more up-to-date base a20 data as seen in these a20 special edition videos
  4. The thread mentions editing musicdb to get some of the hidden songs to show up, but where is it and how should it be edited? Go to [Hidden Content] and enable "Force Cabinet Type 6"
  5. I have a20 set up with bemanitools and the butterfly server, but I can't scan in after around 3 games and I have to restart the actual game to scan again. I also removed the announcer but can't find the source file of the crowd noises and I would like to remove those as well