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  1. Excuse me, how do I play all the songs? thaks
  2. No for the XG series, On my side, only the V series and mame series has the autoplay option. Unless a master can crack it from the dll file.
  3. [Hidden Content] Before, there was a virtual simulator that could be used. It can simulate a card, but its algebra does not include v8 .. It can also be applied to the arcade machine, use the official Epass card to play + record the score. To set its IP address, if it is read, it will be read automatically when the game is started.
  4. Hi, try this file; After decompressing, place it in the game directory, and click “config dm.bat” to set the button for autoplay. After setting, click "start dm.bat" to start the game~enjoy [Hidden Content]
  5. Regarding the control of V8, I tried a very stupid method, but he was able to succeed! Includes autoplay and time freeze, as well as the ability to set guitar effects buttons. I used the control settings of the v7 version given by a previous friend. After making some modifications, I overwritten the files in the bin folder of v8. 1. There are files in the link, directly copy and paste the bin folder of v8, 2. Click "" config gf.bat "" or "" config dm.bat "to set the controller 3. Click "" start_gf.bat "" or "" start_dm.bat "to start the game 4. After running the game, if there is no video, copy and paste libmovie.dll again. I know this method is very violent and brainless, I hope that experts in this field can guide ~ I will be very grateful! In other words, the guitar sound correction file "boot.dll" has not been corrected, so there is no solution .. Although I do n’t know programming skills, I still want to share this result with you. [Hidden Content]