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  1. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Hello team, any wat to put the HUD of After Burner Climax in full screen? Game is running at 1080p.

  3. Anyone have the PC vercion to check the .ini file? I think the blood paramer could be something like "BLOOD_ENABLE", "GORE_MODE" o similar.
  4. I use the jconfig + iDmacDrv64.dll from my Fighting EX Layer, just copied from one folder to other. But at the end I think this files are specific for "School of Ragnarok".
  5. WOW! This seems to work! The "Fatal Error" never appears again with the Win 8 compatibility mode activated. I run the game approximately 10 times for testing and no more sign of the error. Thank you @EmuAl
  6. I try it and the randomly Fatal Error persist.
  7. Read it in ppxclub.com: Sorry but I don't have a baidu.com account to download and try it.
  8. Hello folks, @xtremebuga @leonardombn @nohero OK, yo can play only with 4 buttons, because the 3 (LS+MS) and the 6 (K+HS) are combinations, but still need the 5 (HS) for playing properly. How possible you have the button 5 activated whiteout the 2nd IO, if this is in the position "P3 BUTTON 5" ??? I ask that because Im think the 2nd IO enabled collaborate to the fatal Error Appears, but for me it seems necessary. I also think the error its related to the video reproduction, If you pass the video, the error not appear again until other time you run the game.
  9. Are you sure the .bin files have been created without having 2nd Fast IO activated? Very strange indeed!
  10. You can play local (not online obviously) totally normal whit this message. Enable the 2nd Fast IO its needed because we are using a "non custom for this game" jconfig and its the only way to use the button 5 and 6.
  11. Means: "You cant play using the network right now" To solved you need to be connected with Taito Nesicaxlive network.
  12. Hello Caos, thanks for the upload, what exactly add this to windows? Edit: Is this? A high level list of items that are installed.
  13. No idea, everyone have these randomly fatal errors, its something related to the Unreal Engine, try to update the drivers of your GPU.
  14. Right now KOFXIV TTX3 is being selling online, so in a few weeks I think we'll see it dump
  15. Your dump its ok, don't worry, the text its added by me with paint jajaja