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  1. Plays great on the Yuzu Emulator. NOTE To avoid a error message you will need to select tracks and stuff with the KEYBOARD button, i am getting a error message when using the mouse buttons, only has just been emulated so not perfect yet. Download links for the game and keys and firmware and instructions to install for use with Yuzu Emulator. Download Cruis'n Blast, official game file 3.55-GB Got links from this site the NSP links [Hidden Content] Link 1 [Hidden Content] Link 2 [Hidden Content] Firmware Download [Hidden Content] How to install. Click on file on corner of Yuzu emulator then click option Open Yuzu Folder then open NAND then SYSTEM then CONTENTS then REGISTERED then extract all files from latest firmware zip file into that folder Or get to it this way C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Roaming\yuzu\nand\system\Contents\registered Both Keys you need [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] How to install the keys plus the download links for them Emulator [Hidden Content]
  2. Cruis'n Blast Files Ubuntu/Linux (Switch Convert)

    A insult or a compliment from IGN lol [Hidden Content] ''It may look like a 20-year-old energy drink commercial crossed with the best-looking Dreamcast game never made, but Cruis’n Blast is an endearingly earnest arcade racing time capsule filled with goofy, crowd-pleasing vehicles and a small assortment of zany tracks.''
  3. Cruis'n Blast Files Ubuntu/Linux (Switch Convert)

    Yeah Dreamcast good hardware, PS2 had more enthusiastic game developers they put a lot more work into the games, the main reason the driving games looked significantly better on PS2, Hardware that can do almost anything graphically and gameplay wise vs more powerful hardware that can do almost anything graphically and gameplay wise, both still hardware that can do almost anything they are designed to do, Dreamcast the 1st console that could do just about anything graphically and gameplay that is why they called it Dreamcast, Sega said. Sega Model 3 arcade hardware which was a few years behind Dreamcast could do just about anything as well, some of the games look as good as the original Xbox games like the advanced track in Daytona 2, when they ported it to Xbox as a bonus for Outrun 2 they didn't change much because it does look as good as a lot of Xbox games graphics, i dare say the Sega Model 3 arcade version looks slightly better than Daytona 2 on Xbox, Sonic Adventure 2 and Shenmue 2 looked good but probably not close to Dreamcasts full potential, they discontinued Dreamcast just 2 years from its launch or something like that, the games would of got better and better no doubt as the years went by if it continued. We probably never seen the full potential of any video game hardware, developing games is time and money, they have a set time to develop the games and a limited budget.
  4. Cruis'n Blast Files Ubuntu/Linux (Switch Convert)

    This Nintendo Switch game is what Dreamcast driving games needed to look like to be competitive with PS2, they were a poor effort by the developers it could do a lot better, were a poor polygon performance, Nintendo 64 & PS1 driving games had more polygons than Dreamcast driving games and they could only do 300 thousand polygons a second and Dreamcast was capable of doing a million or more a second, Dreamcast probably could do identical graphics to that raw thrills Nintendo Switch port, there would be less effects and lower resolution which you probably wouldn't notice despite the hardware been outdated, pixels are not everything when it comes to video game resolution, i seen crystal clear graphics in some Dreamcast adventure games and this was on crt tv's and the original hardware, and was capable of doing a lot of different effects.
  5. It will obviously just get deleted again if you upload it again to mega, best off uploading it to another site.