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  1. Thank you very much @spiderzsoft and @argonlefou for this Great release! I'll wait for the demulshooter update! Thank you so much again!
  2. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    yeah, it looks like a great gun...I'd like to buy a couple, but I know that the waiting list is plenty! am I right?
  3. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Hi! Do you have a link for this game, please?
  4. WOW.....what a kindness!! you're the best, man!
  5. same situation Mate...even in english...first i select Mpeg2 filter, but nothing related to silent hill appears...anyway, if also I select all filters, only files from the c: \ windows \ sysWOW64 folder appear ... I just can't understand how you could select the Mpeg2 files related to Silent hill ... that I have, among other things, installed in an ssd that is not C:
  6. sorry mate...I downloaded last version of ffdshow, after I installed DirectShow Filter Tool (your zip file)...but I don't know how to use. I extracted DirectShow Filter tool.zip in the main folder of Silent Hill...the program ask me to search for a .ax file or a .dll, but don't understand what file I have to select Can you explain me step by step, please?
  7. so you got over the game crashing problems in this way? very interesting! what is you win10 build?
  8. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    could it work for silent hill arcade too? has anyone tried it?
  9. can you explain better, please? Did you use same divx codec for aliens extermination and silent hill...and all working?
  10. I've got same build...downgrade at build 1803, or a dual boot....no other solution...sorry!
  11. your OS and build? maybe what suggested by supermagoalex is your solution...
  12. nooo...e vabbè, vorrà dire che per il momento ci rinuncio...sperando in una nuova versione...non si sa mai che arrivi in futuro, installare un nuovo sistema operativo su un ssd a parte per un gioco solo....sinceramente mi risparmio la fatica! cmq grazie...se non fosse stato per te, non avrei mai capito il problema che avevo con silent hill....cmq...peccato...mi piaceva tanto...
  13. Supermagoalex...ma niente niente sei italiano? comunque....grazie mille per la risposta....se aggiornassi la mia build di win 10 a 1909? potrebbe funzionare? Supermagoalex ... but are you Italian? anyway .... thank you very much for the answer .... if I updated my build of win 10 to 1909? It might work?
  14. ok...this game is a real pain of ass! I've got 3 different dumps....but nothing works...I'm on win10 1903 build, Installed all fixes shared in the first page of this thread, firts installed cccp codec pack, no way! after once again the K-lite codec pack...same! the game crashes always after a while in the hospital... where, among other things, I don't even choose the direction at the beginning ... near the door ... while using demulshooter, I always get the hourglass mouse cursor on screen ... this damned game is driving me crazy! Could it be that I'm the only one who has to give it up? I don't know what to do anymore...I'm out of ideas...
  15. now I installed this version too...I'll keep you informed! thanks!