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NEED ANY EMULATION HELP PLEASE PM ME IM ON 24/7! please subscribe to me, PM me for free arcade google drive full downloads : -ENJOY DAT nostalgia! MAN I LOVE ARCADE shooters @ 2p$, fruits and some redemption's :L will have HD 1080p videos on everything arcady soon,within the UK and arcade tours that i can achieve near my location and on holiday$. -New arcade themed videos shall randomly appear weekly weather depending -seriously dont bother with the spam and you hating trolls will be put straight into the ban,block and reported list so goodbye forever idiots :L -xperia phone - -need- 1080p go-pro-type head camera soon for the arcade racers and other unique games. all i need now from emulation is GUNMEN WARS by NAMCO 1998 mames my only hope lol :L i really want to play gunmen wars again,but since its fiery destruction on the Weston pier in 2006 I CANT!!! :( my PC specs are: Physical RAM=6125 MB intel i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz CPU speed= 3.399 ghz nvidia gt1030 AMD Radeon HD 6450