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  1. here is the 16:10 version: [Hidden Content] 16-10 vs 16-9 version
  2. GRID Arcade (TeknoParrot) cockpit rear view mirror camera patch. the changed 'camera.xml' files give you 7 camera views in the game, so 4 new camera views: in car with rear view mirror dashboard (sort of) bird download: [Hidden Content]
  3. WIDESCREEN patched files for Naomi games: Cannon Spike, Power Stone, SEGA Tetris, Toy Fighter, Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution, Virtua NBA, Virtua Tennis, Virtua Tennis 2, Zero Gunner 2 & Zombie Revenge more info: [Hidden Content] gifs shows difference between original (4x3) & widescreen version
  4. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    THANX for this great FFB Plugin! Chase HQ2 works good with FFB on my Fanatec GT2 wheel, playing this game is more fun now. FFB is not working on SR3, i don't know what the problem is,maybe i must use a newer version of ParrotLoader?
  5. Thank you, dex77, for sharing your remastered Cliff Hanger!
  6. Thank you dex77 for the remastered version of TimeGal, it's great!