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  1. Game was also playable with a mouse - In the past managed to get it to work using Nuvee plugin and a Wiimote emulating a mouse - So might be possible with a Sinden as well. Wasn't a great experience, but that might have been because using a wiimote - far better on actual PS2 so didn't waste much time on it. Had to use PCSX2 version 1.6 rather than the dev build of Version 1.7 In theory might be possible with the Dev build as setting that up to use a mouse in game seems to work, but as the Wiimote emulates a mouse PCSX2 doesn't recognise it as it uses rawinput, whereas I think that Sinden might actually be recognised as a system mouse so could work. Good luck with it
  2. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Mario Kart works here with a keyboard. I just went and tested it. If you put it in xinput in games settings and then go to controller setup does your keyboard register when you try to set the keys? As mine doesn't so therefore I have it on DirectInput. As you are using keys you then need to tick use keyboard/button for axis and then when you go into controller set up you can actually input some controls. I'm not sure if a racing game is the simplest one to pick as having to make keys work as acceleration and steering is in my opinion going to be harder than just picking a flighting game. So put it on direct input, define they keys in the controller bit, start the game and all works here
  3. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    This might come across as sarcastic or patronising. But why not test it without the possibly broken controller attached? Disconnect the controller. Change the button configuration to use the keyboard. Try to play the game. If no more problems then yep it's the controller. Problem solved If still problems then something wrong with your set up. At least you can check the controller off the list of possible problems. Also pick a game that is known to work and is simple to set up so as to reduce the possible issues.
  4. [Tuto] Operation G.H.O.S.T. : Info and use

    Scroll down on above page until you find Operation Ghost and in the hidden contents there is a resoution changer zip file that you can download and then use.
  5. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    @Safire25 To give a more complete answer you had a minimum of 3 ways to do this, but first to answer why it isn't working. You need to put the profile=SRC.xml onto the line above so that it reads Run, TeknoParrotUI.exe --profile=SRC.xml Basically you want this Run,{SPACE}TeknoParrotUI.exe{Space}--profile=SRC.xml you only want TWO spaces in total, one after the comma after Run and ONE after the e in exe Actually if you want it to look nice when you start it up then do this (With THREE spaces in total-one after comma-one after last e of exe and one after d of Minimized Run, TeknoParrotUI.exe --startMinimized --profile=SRC.xml It is very clear from everything you have said that you downloaded AHK and that the script was working to load up TeknoParrot but just not finding the game, and your recent picture shows the extra space as well This is what it should look like (also in notepad a perfectly good text editor to use for ahk) You could have done it the following ways 1) Create a shortcut to TeknoParroutUi.exe and placed that in the start up folder, and by adding the correct parameters into the target box in properties you could direct load into the game, in fact you could also make it so you don't get the Game Running pop up screen That's right add " --startMinimized --profile=SRC.xml" without the "" but with the first space and magic, loading up game, no game running screen and no need to download another piece of software (nothing against ahk I use it for many things but wasn't needed for this) - obviously you need to have the correct pathways but when you make the shortcut it will auto populate with that info-I have sent you a PM on how to do this just in case that is actually what you were asking for with your step by step guide 2)Make a bat file in the TeknoParrot folder using any text editor you already have on your computer (I don't know maybe Notepad) and renaming the .txt (or whatever) to .bat (again no need to download extra software) and then make a shortcut to that bat file, put that shortcut into start up folder and then go into the properties of that shortcut and set to run Minimized and you get another nice start up of the game with no annoying pop up screens and again no need to download any programmes as you already have these on your computer, the text in the bat file would be as below, the reason for using a shortcut to the bat file in the TeknoParrot folder is simplicity. start TeknoparrotUI.EXE --startMinimized --profile=SRC.xml exit 3)Use AHK, and make the change above, but as said that involves downloading an extra programme. oh and also add the --startMinimized if you don't want the annoying popup screen You could if you wanted and it really is a one game only dedicated cabinet, rather than use the start up folder, you could replace windows explorer shell in the registry, with an exe made from ahk, this would stop windows explorer opening at all and could boot up the game and nothing else, but this would require a bit extra in the ahk, as you would need to have a couple of hotkeys set up to allow shutting down of the game, shutting down of the computer and also emergency loading of windows explorer just in case you need to get into it to do maintenance, these keys could be set up to have to be held for a specific set of time or a button combo etc so not to be set off by a button masher or by accident. There might even be other ways of doing it as well, like Powershell, using scheduled tasks rather than startup folder and such. Goodluck.
  6. First of all an apology from me. I thought I had answered you. I read this thought..... Yep that sounds about right.... And then forgot to actually type the reply. So sorry for being a complete numpty. But to answer your question I am pretty sure that I changed that and the added the bit about mouse speed in the same way as with TC5. It's not perfect and still moves around like it is on a dome, if you manage to fix that then please feel free to share.
  7. Changed that and something else in another file. Cannot remember which one and what exactly as did a while ago. Apart from the discovery of the mouse speed part everything else I did would have been from the information in the game thread as already had it using a mouse but was too fast and all I did was control speed. So try having a read of both threads and see if that helps as the info will be in this one or the actual game thread.
  8. I think most people with Aimtrak are now using Demulshooter as it gives a better experience. There is a link for it a few pages back. I don't have one so cannot be sure, but hopefully someone with Aimtrak will chip in and give some correct information rather than my guess. I know Wiimote can use Demulshooter in Mode 2 and people are saying more accurate than my way, but that means messing around with my set up just for one game which I cannot be bothered to do. Truthfully I got it working, put it on here, played a few games and haven't gone back to it since so not really best person to ask for accuracy. @oroborus77 put different values in their pack and another member cannot remember who (sorry to whoever it is) put their values up which where different for x and y which makes sense I suppose if on 16:9 but again that will mean looking through the thread.
  9. Looking for Time Crisis 3 (ps2 iso) Chinese Version

    PCSX2, wiimote and nuvee plug in do all work together, at least it does here. @nohero fantastic guide on how to use the command line part of Launchbox, using it correctly does reduce the chance of something going wrong with automated file copying and moving via ahks and such like.
  10. Cannot answer for the jconfig bit, but for my part you can either change it back or use the copies that I suggested making and delete the changed ones and rename the copy ones.
  11. To be far I never said it was perfect I said it was working and playable...... Which compared to 24 hours ago is far better As explained in write up sensitivity/speed can be changed, you should have seen how bad it was in my previous attempts. This is why I didn't upload premade Inis because everyone's experience and wants will be different so by following the guide you can change what you need to change for speed and such.
  12. @ginzu I can control the mouse, but yes it is looking as if it is on a dome, its not moving flat across the screen I tried playing with the DefaultGame.ini which has settings for the dome but it was beyond my understanding-I know @ducon2016 was looking at it when it came out but said it was a nightmare to make flat so that the cursor acts as if the game was flat I also discovered that if you change [DomeShooterGame.DomeShooterEnemyPawn] HeadShotDamageRate=1 You can actually kill the snakes and such rather than getting killed whilst trying to figure things out Basically increase the number to be higher to cause damage, making it 20 makes it a one shot kill - not fair really in the spirit of the game but does make testing it easier. Good luck
  13. I started playing with the dome layouts and the ini files for it last night to try and see if I could make it "smoother" on LLA but it was late and my brain was fried. It works on both the dome and "flat" version to a point, hopefully someone who knows what they are doing rather than using my brute force attempt might be able to figure some stuff out on it.
  14. Yeah I discovered the Lost Land thing also yesterday, but as it still gets effected by the dome aspect was going to keep working on it. Glad it is working for you.
  15. Thinking about it might need to use ahk actually for an arcade cabinet if the buttons are recognised as joypad buttons rather than keyboard keys or xbox controllers. At the end of the day all that matters is it works and more people can play the game. As an aside have managed to get Lost Land Adventure to be more playable with lightgun now with the exception of the dome element. Will keep working on it and post anything I achieve on that thread rather than fill this one up with rubbish.