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  1. Teknoparrot VS RH Loader

    And you're professional at not understanding a simple sentence. If I steal other people's hard work, encrypt it, and slap an ugly gui on it I can call it an emulator? Obviously not. But I guess you're a massive fan of 1cc too, since they literally steal other people's work too but noone cares... (pro tip, try to find first version of jconfig of wmmt5, it will have literally same save issue as Openparrot, and also if you check most of their ringedge emus that have sram\eeprom included, you will see they use serial id that was stolen from TP because they're too dumb to figure out proper keychip emu)
  2. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    that "guy" is literally a bot, even tho I reported it multiple times, admins are seem to be dumb as always, and didnt ban it yet
  3. he's a known bootlegger who gets his supplies from 1cc
  4. Teknoparrot VS RH Loader

    GL is not an emulator, its just a collection of stolen wrappers and opensource\closedsource emulators in an encrypted exe with a gui
  5. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    because not so smart people are believing it, just as below your comment lol
  6. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    why are admins are lazy as always and don't ban THIS BOT? reported it already like 3 times or so
  7. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    from what I heard game uses some ancient opengl api that no gpus support anymore
  8. [Arcade PC] ICE All Dumps Dropbox

    majority of these games are useless, no dongle + encrypted files
  9. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Check twitter, Reaver posted screenshots
  10. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    noone cares, take your 1cc asslicking elsewhere
  11. [Arcade PC] Street Fighter V Type Arcade v1.01 (TTX4)

    sure they can, I can do those in photoshop too. Even if they do have a wip emulator, I'm sure most of the code is stolen, just like how wmmt5 code was stolen from TP and the ringedge emulated serials
  12. [Arcade PC] Street Fighter V Type Arcade v1.01 (TTX4)

    obviously network isnt working because jconfig doesnt emulate nesys, they just patched the game to run
  13. no, the wrapper you need to
  14. does anyone have the source for the included wrapper?
  15. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    whichever version you dump