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  1. Groove Coaster 4EX (4.52JPN) About dumping

    TTX ZEROパーティション構成 C:5GB / 10GB D:3GB / 9Gb E:4GB / 90GBだいたいこんな感じ 。 Eには、暗号化されたゲームファイルであるvdimgがあります。
  2. Groove Coaster 4EX (4.52JPN) About dumping

    play movie&SS [Hidden Content]
  3. Groove Coaster 4EX (4.52JPN) About dumping

    Hello Compress the data and upload V2.06 and V4.52 I'm uploading now, but it's taking a while because of a garbage-like internet connection: I will participate in the auction now and will upload V3.58 if I can make a successful bid Upload to Google Drive V4.52 is 29.7GB V2.06 is 12.6GB is Contact me again when upload is complete See you PS Can be ported from 4EX to 2, but crashes when displaying results This time again
  4. Groove Coaster 4EX (4.52JPN) About dumping

    tSuccessfully dumped Ver4.52 (not encrypted) 60GB is available but is there anybody?
  5. Groove Coaster 4EX (4.52JPN) About dumping

    Thank you for asking a question
  6. Hello Groove Coaster 4EX (4.52JPN) I did a DUMP with HOTSWAP but the internal data was encrypted. Can anyone know the solution? The data that was 20GB for GC2 was 90GB for the data that was encrypted for GC4EX Language changes with emulator I / O nice to meet you:) PS Data upload is in preparation: / I AM JPN