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  1. How can I set the crosshairs with jconfig? Pressing shift + H does not work for me, Greetings and thanks
  2. Set screen scaling to 100% The problem I have with jconfig, is that the crosshair does not appear, not even by pressing shift + h, also that no shot goes to the screen
  3. thanks, now if it works, when deleting the folder
  4. Hello, I tried to put it in Spanish following this route and it did not work, I also tried to put other languages and it was still in English, would I have to configure something else? And the jconfig, it gives me error when opening RSLauncher.exe Thanks in advance, regards
  5. Thanks for the route to change the subtitles, but what would I have to put to make them appear in Spanish?
  6. Mi propia switch My own switch