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  1. [Arcade PC] Dance Dance Revolution A20 (Konami)

    Is there a way to get java WITHOUT AN ORACLE ACCOUNT seriously i hate that thats required
  2. [Arcade PC] Dance Dance Revolution A20 (Konami)

    Where do you get Java 14?
  3. [Arcade PC] Dance Dance Revolution A20 (Konami)

    I already stated that this was wrong on my end mostly due to the hd version of the game using the sd bg video instead of properly using the hd version and trying to correct it will cause crashes and this happens either gold or blue
  4. [Arcade PC] Dance Dance Revolution A20 (Konami)

    One last thing to note is that I tried to play the blue version of the game (by hex editing of course) and i started running into the crashing issue again so I guess in this instance I am stuck with playing the gold version Edit: Well that was a mistake sorry for all my blabbering but i think i have finally found another reason for the game to crash. You know how when you play the HD widescreen version of the game the SD version of the menu background video is used? Well trying to change it back by swapping the videos around is what caused the game to crash on the song select screen. Of course that should be obvious considering that messing with the games files is what will cause problems. But why is it that the game does not properly use the HD background video?
  5. [Arcade PC] Dance Dance Revolution A20 (Konami)

    Glad you got that build working but does 20200203 build work for you yet? considering that you figured the out amusement problem and gamemdx.dll file has not been changed it should work right?
  6. [Arcade PC] Dance Dance Revolution A20 (Konami)

    Okay I'm starting to think this game is very computer specific because this game works on my desktop but does not boot at all on my laptop even though all i did was just copy and pasted everything onto a external hard drive I really think the game only works on the computer it is tied to as moving it to another computer will not work I'm starting to think the only way to set up the game on another computer is to COMPLETELY RE DOWNLOAD everything and install them on that specific computer then again idk i could be wrong but if you guys were to try this (because I would have to redownload everything and honestly i do not have the patience for that as i already waited for a long time to download the game on my desktop and now i have to redownload the game AGAIN just to play on another computer seriously?) Edit: I'm really sorry but it turns out i just didn't have direct x installed on this computer. My god I'm an idiot
  7. [Arcade PC] Dance Dance Revolution A20 (Konami)

    No it wasn't crashing thankfully. the 20200203 build was where i was having issues because the game boots up and works only on maintenance mode I cannot use e-amusement at all.
  8. [Arcade PC] Dance Dance Revolution A20 (Konami)

    okay i think i got it so i downloaded the 20190903 build and then applied the 20200203 patch which is where i ran into the crashing issue again (because apparently the game wont boot unless i use the start_game_ealocal.bat), then eventually applied that fan made 20200403 patch and so far everything is working and no more crashing. I think using the gamemdx files from the minifixGAMEMDX.zip is what caused the crashing. Edit: I forgot to mention that i am also using the modified butterfly server and so far everything is working.
  9. [Arcade PC] Dance Dance Revolution A20 (Konami)

    thanks but unfortunately it still crashes for me and i compared the gamemdx files from yours and to that person who uploaded the minifixGAMEMDX.zip file (sorry i forgot who) and yeah there are no changes on either files so i'm just gonna have to re download the 20190903 build and then apply the 20200203 update again and see what happens. Edit: i downloaded the 20200203 from one eternal ash so i'm not really sure what went wrong since i followed his instructions
  10. [Arcade PC] Dance Dance Revolution A20 (Konami)

    huh strange didn't notice that exception error so thanks for pointing that out. I don't think an update caused this because this has been happening for a while but i just couldn't figure out why. and you know what people have been posting their own versions of the gamemdx.dll file and so far none of them seem to be stable for me so do you think you can give your copy of your gamemdx.dll file and see if it works for me? And i didn't say this but the 2019042200 build worked for me alongside the 2019090300 build but since people have started adding the newer versions as file replacements that must be why its not working properly because the 2020020300 wasn't really a full game dump as it was just a contents dump that you can just replace on the 2019090300 files.
  11. [Arcade PC] Dance Dance Revolution A20 (Konami)

    I am using the 2020020300 build. I am using the 2020 03 14 version of spicetools (at least thats what the date is on the cfg). and whenever i play on another computer (a laptop that i have) the game doesn't load at all it just goes straight to (F: signal: end) log.txt
  12. [Arcade PC] Dance Dance Revolution A20 (Konami)

    Even though my game works properly i still can't seem to figure why it randomly crashes and by looking at the command prompt and the log the game seems to crash when it shows (F:signal: end) and its in red. does anyone know why this happens. as this can happen anytime, either in the games menu (selecting a song) or during game play. Edit: Before you guys ask yes i have everything installed correctly as i have downloaded the files from One Eternal Ash links and yet it still gives me these issues. Another Edit: after some digging this looks to be a spicetools issue so does anyone know whats wrong?
  13. [Arcade PC] Dance Dance Revolution A20 (Konami)

    Thank you!
  14. [Arcade PC] Dance Dance Revolution A20 (Konami)

    how do you apply the e-amusement web option such as arrow skin, dancer, screen filter etc?. I mean the creator did say that these options can be added into the db.sqlite but he didn't say how. I can open it with the db database browser but i don't know how to add in the options.
  15. [Arcade PC] Dance Dance Revolution A20 (Konami)

    So if anyone is having port issues with butterfly like I did then open butterfly.jar with winrar and extract the butterflyserver.properties to your desktop (or anywhere really) open the butterflyserver.properties file with a text document and change the server.port number to something else as long as it's not a port number that it being used (For me I put 90) and save it, then drag it back into the butterfly.jar using winrar to overwrite the existing one now since the server is using a different port number you have to reconfigure the game's ea-config.xml file and change the services line in the network section to <services __type="str">[Hidden Content] NUMBER HERE/</services> and since I used port number 90 it should look like this <services __type="str">[Hidden Content]; and there you go!