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  1. Pandora's box 9D Home Edition

    Yes pandora's 9d home edition.
  2. Pandora's box 9D Home Edition

    I have not try any of it yet. I just opened the image with the purpose of editing. But in your case why not just run an emulator instead, like mame or any of the many.. ? That will be possibly way better.
  3. Pandora's box 9D Home Edition

    Please upload any findings or info on this thread.
  4. Pandora's box 9D Home Edition

    Finally got the file uploaded, Let me know about any interesting findings, also uploading some board photos.
  5. Anyone knows if any of this mods may work on pandora's 9D?
  6. Pandora's box 9D Home Edition

    Yes I just got one. Testing games now...
  7. Pandora's box 9D Home Edition

    Hello to all! This thread will be with the purpose of sharing information about the Pandora's 9D as the title describes. As I'm traveling from work and got bored at my hotel I ordered this box with the main intention of playing classic arcade games, pacman, galaga ..etc.. Got the box knowing very little of the system and now is the time to explore what can be done to this board. Feel free to shine in, Spanish or English are my main, but we can also use Google translate.