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  1. I use the service and I can´t put more than 9 credits. And the coin don´t work
  2. Hello I can modify the settings I put START ON COIN ENTRY=YES and don´t auto start the game, can i use START ON COIN ENTRY=ON
  3. I have the same problem, at the white screen with the Criware logo, don´t work the start button.
  4. Hello Soso92, I play with manual transmission and the view buttons works well, and if I play with automatic transmission work well. only one problem, until stay at the white screen with the logo of Criware I can´t start the race. I play with the las Tp autoupdate version.
  5. Hello soso92, I have a problem with the START button at Daytona USA 3, the button don´t work when the game demo stay at the white screen with the logo of Criware, after when this screen change the button works normally and I can start the game. I try with the TP 1.92 and the same and I link 2 computers, is the same error that your error? Thanks
  6. Hello, I´m trying KODRIVE racing game, all works fine but I can´t configure the network. I link 2 computer with static ip, configured at teknoparrot, and at the TEST menu that this: MACHINE 1: CABINET ID 1 HOST TOTAL MACHINE 2 GROUP A MACHINE 2: CABINET ID 2 TOTAL MACHINE 2 GROUP A And when load the game I have the error message: ERROR 8002 - Network setting error( SYSTEM) Anyone can play with multiplayer at this game? Thanks
  7. Finally works!!! Thanks so much, I Connect 2 webcam and works perfectly, thanks so much!!
  8. Thanks petje for your reply, I tried with a router and nothing.... Camera? works with a normal webcam or need a specific model?
  9. Yes, I try this and I disable the firewall. I did ping command and see the both machines
  10. Hello Soso92, I try this files, y configured the ip settings at every computer: CABINET 1: Ip: Subnet mask: Gateway: DNS: CABINET 2: Ip: Subnet mask: Gateway: DNS: And I connect the 2 computers with a crossed net wire. The game load, but don´t pass at POWER ON TEST NETWORK And the beginning put LINK ID 1 GOOD... LINK ID 2 GOOD but after the other computer Id put: ... ... ... Any idea? Connect with a router?
  11. I try snocross and when I start a Game show "track select 640 x 384" but don't load the video, and if i push start don't load... And the countdown never end See the atached photo
  12. Thanks for the new jconfig games! I was try to enter to the test, and when I press the button to TEST, the aplication was closed and return to windows. Anyone works the test function?
  13. Hello, at JCONFIG or teknoparrot?
  14. Hello SuperMagoAlex this website have the old versions [Hidden Content] releases GEN2/
  15. Hello, I have a problem with K.O DRIVE drive with JConfig and Test, I try all the JConfig versions for this game, and when I enter the test (I push the key that I configured at the Jconfig interface) the game crash... Maybe will be a problem with the resolution? or maybe with my test files? I fount at the folders game TestMode.exe and testmode_2052.dll, I put administrator permisions at the game and this exe...and the game crash, How can I configure it? Thanks