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  1. Hi and first thank you for this thread! I know about Singe and Daphne since a long time ago now but i am not really experimented with Singe and american Laser games. Where can i found cdrom framefile to configure in my command line? io own the emulator and the roms but where can i found the cdroms ? I have seen that i must setup the framefile and actually i just have the one from Maddog 2 (i don't remember where i download this package). could someone give me an hand ? i forgot to mention that i tried to download one of the game in the first page of this thread (crimepatrol) but i don't see any cdrom like i have with maddog2
  2. @CALDEIREN, @paquito85, Salut, Perso j'utilise toujours la version de TP et Je me souviens que c'était un bug lorsque les devs étaient en train d'élaborer la compatibilité des lightguns/wiimotes avec le rawinput. j'espère qu'ils n'ont pas réintroduit ce bug avec les dernières releases... (pas testé). je vais poser la question sur leur discord pour savoir si ils ont eu des plaintes à ce sujet... EDIT: Le dev m'a confirmé qu'il devait corriger ce bug..
  3. Just a question. Is there any solution to show the crossair in game or at least, the mouse cursor ? Thanks. From my side, this game is working good with my wiimotes and the mayflash dolphin bar in mode 2. I use win10 on my cab. But the accuracy is not perfect when I reach the sides of the screen. Is that possible to play it 4/3 without gameloaderAllRh?
  4. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Hello nostra! Pour OG ton gs2.ini doit ressembler à ça pour que ça fonctionne avec le rawinput : fait d'abord un backup de ton fichier gs2.ini avant d'utiliser ma conf (je voudrais pas qu'on m'accuse d'avoir tout casser! ) [BBS] FullScreen=0 CabinetType=0 PresentationInterval=1 EnableSound=1 EnableRecoil=1 EnableJvs=1 EnableLedBoard=1 EnableAMLib=1 EnableInputDevices=1 EnableLuaDebugger=0 EnableForceGCWhenF5=1 GA_AdSound=1 EnableBlood=1 Difficulty=2 Life=4 Armor=1 DressCode=0 ShowVersion=0 RomType=1 Region=1 Language=en Version_Debug=0 Version_HoriiYosuke=0 Version_JongwookKang=0 Version_CheolhoKang=0 Version_HwasooLee=0 Version_TaejoongKim=0 Version_SakamakiRyouichi=0 Version_YamayaTakeshi=0 Version_KawamuraHiroaki=0 Version_DisableSoundLog=1 EnableInputDevices=0 SoundVolume=50 PofileGraph=0 SwipeCard=0 AutoShow_ErrorLog=0 AutoShow_FixMe=0 Dofile=1 PrintSvnVersion=0 MovieVolume=75 UP = CREDIT ENTER = START DOWN = SWITCH WEAPONS MOUSE LEFT = FIRE/SHOOT MOUSE RIGHT = ACTION BUTTON Depuis la toute dernière version de TP (que j'ai mis à jour aujourd'hui) la TPUI, tout est rentré dans l'ordre aux niveaux des axes des crosshairs. Je prépare une vidéo pour montrer mes confs pour presque chaque jeux de gun.
  5. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Looks like something is wrong when using a wiimote. Or something is going wrong from my side... This game works flawlessly with demulshooter before that. @R.R.Z., can you use test and service button when you navigate trough test menu?
  6. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    @Boomslangnz thanks for trying to update OG. the reload button gives the weapon change, the action button and the change button do nothing. Concerning the menu test: the Y key on the keyboard is used to navigate in the menu, but which key is used to enter the submenus? (the configuration of controls in TP (service and test does not work).
  7. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    HI @Boomslangnz, Ok, I noticed the following problems: 1) I can't start P1 or P2 in Luigi's Mansion. 2) I can't launch P2 in OG. 3) I have an important offset for P1 in OG 4) We need to be able to assign each action to a button in OG (if possible). Thanks. EDIT: I am using 2 wiimotes (mayflash dolphin bar mode 2) Other games are working fine
  8. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Sorry, SGG's calibration is ok for both players.On the other hand, Luigi's mansion won't start .... OG is unplayable because of an offset and it's mandatory to use the keyboard CTL+F1 to add credits. And Player 2 doesn't start
  9. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    TeknoParrotCore_1.0.0.305 ReaverTeknoGods released this on 21 Mar Changes by: Boomslangnz Transformers: Hardcode Calibration Values For P1 & P2 Great! now we need the same reagrding Luigi's mansion, SGG (because no tests menu) and OG (big offset) for OG, we can't START 2nd wiimote for second player. Furthermore, it would be nice to be able to assign each button independently and correct the extreme sensitivity of the cursor crosshair. This is already the case with demulshooter.
  10. Yes, it's normal. We must wait (and hope that harms (dev of rawinput feature) could fix this behaviour....... Also, i noticed that the crosshair in operation ghost is moving very badly (very fast and with an offset).... just set the first wiimote for the first player and you will be Ok with rambo.
  11. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Yes, I also hope that Harms will go to the end of this development to allow us all to use 2 lightguns natively. Otherwise it will be a regression. Wait and see...
  12. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    ! Tu l'as testé ? Et le control du curseur avec un aimtrack ou wiimote? Bon, je pense que personne n'a encore tester.... Je vais jeter un coup d'œil mais je ne m'attend à rien d'extraordinaire. J'espère me tromper. 😆 LLA n'est pas dans la liste add game... Quelqu'un sait comment on l'ajoute ?
  13. Wiimotes as light guns

    Just touchmote