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    [CPU] i5 6500 3.2Gh
    [RAM] 2x4GB(GSkill)
    [SSD] 250GB Sandisk
    [HDD] 2T (western digital)
    [GPU] msi 970 GTX nvidia 4G Gaming
    [MBOARD] B150 pc mate
    [OS] Win10
    [Controller] (PAC-LINK x 2) + (gamepad xbox360 x2) + dfgt wheel

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  1. Lightgun and Operation G.H.O.S.T.

    Hi, @argonlefou Thank you for the answer! I am going to try demulshooter soon. Does the purpose of demulshooter is to give 2 players playable or demulshooter do more than that? I promise : no more question after that one
  2. Hi @lokofer I play the lightgun games from demul with a wiimote+ touchmote. It is working like charm. No particular setting in demul.only one setting in touchmote. You will need a ledbar and a bluetooth dongle too to make it work, by the way.
  3. [Emu W.I.P ] Redream emulateur Dreamcast HD/4K

    Hey @dex77, I am totally excited by this project too.. I really hope they will implement naomi and atomiswave in the project.i really like the way, this project is evolving. I have nothing to do with theire project but i really appreciate it. I am a big fan of dreamcast/ naomi system but i am not really happy with demul ( resolution in d3d11 is bad, theire are stuttering in some game for too long time ago now. Always the same bug when you have a wheel conected.etc... I have more hope in redream now.
  4. [Emu W.I.P ] Redream emulateur Dreamcast HD/4K

    Hi backgamon, No it is totally different. You can use the free version of redream if you want .you are not going to pay for it. Now, if you are really interested by it and if you would like to use the HD/4k feature, you can pay it one time and that's all. ( not like a patreon that you can support each month). Without this work done by people like redream devs : no games at all! Cheers . Or use another emulator ( reicast/ demul) if you prefer.
  5. [Emu W.I.P ] Redream emulateur Dreamcast HD/4K

    Hey! Thank you @dex77, I appreciate your share!
  6. Lightgun and Operation G.H.O.S.T.

    @argonlefou Salut argon, hi! Are we forced to put our games in C drive as i read somewhere to being able to use demul shooter? My games are in f: jeux/ROMS_Emu.... Thanks
  7. [Emu W.I.P ] Redream emulateur Dreamcast HD/4K

    @ark216 it is 5 dollars only. And you only paid one time. I encourage you to pay the devs for the huge work they have done if you really like this emulator.
  8. Pas testé. Par contre d'apres le site wiki indiqué par bruce, maximum tune 4 devrait en théorie tourner sur windows.pourtant la version a disposition tourne sous linux...
  9. Thank you emulor, I will try that as soon as i can
  10. Hi, i take this opportunity to ask a little help also. does anyone know a workaround regarding Haunted museum? i explain: i play with a wiimote, the game work very good but... sometime, when i shoot at the bottom of the screen, it is like i reduce a window's app. so i return to the desktop and the game i still running on the background... i must click on the game in the taskbar to return it to fullscreen.. it is anoying....... thank if someone know a workaround.. (i am on windows 10)
  11. @Moksi, fine! i can't help you regarding the other SSFIV versions because it is the only one version i use till now. even USFIV because i use the PC steam version. for Calamity Trigger, you can try my typex_binding_bin (the typex_loader setting for 1 and 2 player). but make a backup first of your files before using my files, i would not be responsible if you loose your old files or settings. Calamity trigger: [Hidden Content] Continum shift: [Hidden Content] (use pad_config.exe for setting your keys for this game, and launch it directly with the launcher i put in the archive). for me 1p and 2p work fine without any problem
  12. select the line completely with your mouse and then right click then select access to http:// .......
  13. Hi Moksi, For SSFIVAE 2012, try this exe and tell me if it work for you. you must launch it with typex_loader exe [Hidden Content]
  14. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.63) | Arcade PC

    Hi mr Pooterman i am using the last public version of tp (pretty old now :D) 1.53 hf2 here is the content of my batch file: start /b C:\"Sega Racing Classic"\"Sega R.C fix Nvidia.exe" start /b F:\Emulators\TeknoParrot_1.53_Hotfix\SRC-coin-enabler.exe start /b /wait F:\JEUX\"ROMS RINGEDGE"\Sega_Racing_Classic_[TP_1_53].lnk i use lnk to lauch my games most of the time. lnk = shortcut of any file you want and here is a little video of src:
  15. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.63) | Arcade PC

    Hi, Like you told us, you have set a pad. So if you plan to play with your pad, you need to set your keys with xinput on within emulation settings. Infortunatelly, Tp is not able to adapt according to the device you are using. If you are using a standard wheel, you will need to setup your keys with dinput option. + Edit: also, take care : your controller must be the 1st one. I had the exact same probleme when i have 3 controllers set up at the same time with Id7.