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  1. Ok, cool. I think I will buy the second bar so. Thx
  2. OK, thanks for sharing. I have a question: If I play with a wiimote + mayflash dolphin bar (mode 2). I can play MAME one player perfectly. If I connect a mouse, player 2 work perfectly too on mame. If I use touchmote and make my wiimotes as pad, there is a terrible offset when playing on mame games. If I make my wiimotes as mices with touchmote, mame can't see the inputs from the wiimotes.. How could you play perfectly with 2 wiimotes on mame without touchmote?
  3. Borne arcade BOUTONS

    J'avais acheté un encodeur xinmo, Ça se comportait comme une manette de PlayStation. Donc xinput. Ça convenait pas à mon projet mais ça fonctionnait bien.
  4. OK, but are mouse buttons recognized differently by emulators? Mouse 0 x, mouse 0 y, mouse 0 A, mouse 0 B Then on the second wiimote: Mouse 1x, mouse 1 y, mouse 1 A, mouse 1 B? This is the most important point. Thank you Edit:my question is not only for hotd4 or to play with demulshooter.
  5. Hello @SuperMagoAlex I have one question. Do you have 2 dolphin bar? If yes, did you try what you said just above.? I ask you that because I'm wondering how the buttons of each wiimotes are configured when 2 dolphin bar in mode 2 are connected at the same time? You probably don't ignore that the buttons are hard-coded on the wiimote when on mode 2. So, are the hard-coded buttons are different for each wiimotes or like I think, they are the same? Thx.
  6. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Hello, Could you tell us if we need again third party software (nodejs, Minime etc...) Or you just have to point to the right exe? Thx
  7. Thank you @petje but a little tuto with screenshots on how to do that would help a lot of people for sure.
  8. Co LightGuns Games

    Salut, juste une question aux pros de la gâchette, Est ce que quelqu'un sait si il existe le mouse support pour l'emulateur cxbx (vcop3)? Merci
  9. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Y a une update avec curseur pour ce jeu maintenant? ou j'ai rien capté ?
  10. Hello @defre1976 Which Is windows are you using? Which version of windows are you using? If I remember correctly, touchmote was done for win7, win8.. I am on win10...
  11. Hello @defre1976, As a user of wiimote lightgun, I would like to share my opinion and a little knowledge on the configuration of wiimotes with emulators. It would be a good idea to combine our experiences on this subject to improve our overall knowledge on this subject. What do you think of that? I have used touchmote in the past in conjunction with demulshooter. I managed to get them all to work together ... But I also had a lot of trouble adjusting all my emulators and if I gave up touchmote, it's for 2 reasons: My pc is running Windows 10. - I frequently crashed touchmote (1/2) ... Touchmote had been developed for windows 7 and has not been maintained for several years now. I think that’s the reason why it crashes so often on my config .. The second reason is that emulators are generally programmed to use a mouse in lightgun games (I say well in general because, a good number of arcade games work with an analog lightgun which has nothing to do with a mouse). In short, I decided to make my life easier this way: I use a mayflash dolphin bar in mode 2. The wiimote is recognized by my pc as being a mouse. As a result, I no longer need a touchmote. And the configuration of the games is greatly simplified. I have not yet finished configuring all my emulators but I already play perfectly with: The lindbergh, ringedge, ringwide, pcsx2, model2, demul, mame and wii games. For wii games, the only obligation is to switch the dolphin bar to mode 4. And for the problem that you have to meet with the id of the controllers, it is relative to Windows which assigns a new id to each controller. And even that adapts to each change if you remove a controller. What I do with mame: I configure mame and when I have assigned the keys of my wiimote I put the default.cfg file (within the cfg folder in mame) in read only, so that my config does not jump every time. To summarize: My configuration is simpler and above all more stable because I no longer use touchmote. On the other hand, I cannot play in 2players because I no longer use the demulshooter which I cannot manage to operate if we have mice rather than pads... At the moment, I am concentrate on playing perfectly with one player. We'll see later for another headache on how to play two wiimotes perfectly. Maybe I will do some videos if I can.
  12. ok, i updated now! i bought manual transmission ingame but . the game keep running my car with AT ....... is that a bug? I test my DFGT at the moment. it's not so bad. Just missing FFB and i must found how to play in MT now.... EDIT: OK for single stick when using my joypad MT works if I create a new car and select MT as default transmission.
  13. I am using files from the plugins.7z given by sky2310 (tuto). I don't know for the version. I will look asap.. Thx anyway
  14. HI @Onkel, I tried that : singleStickSteering=1 But it's not working for me.... Any idea? Thx