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  1. [Arcade PC] Maimai FiNALE (Sega RingEdge)

    Is there anyone who know how to set up a local server for finale? (like aqua)
  2. [Arcade PC] Maimai FiNALE (Sega RingEdge)

    @petje As expected, when I tried to use the finale's maimai_dump.exe, the game crashes right after the system check process. Any way to fix this problem?
  3. [Arcade PC] Maimai FiNALE (Sega RingEdge)

    @petje If I use the maimai_dump.exe file with Milk dump, will it work? I found some screenshots of milk running in latest windows so hopefully it does...
  4. @redalchemy Are there any option folders available for this Ongeki Summer release? There are too less songs in the game in default, unlike the latest version of Chunithm.
  5. [Arcade PC] Maimai FiNALE (Sega RingEdge)

    Any reploads for these old versions? I really want to download them, but the torrents in nyaa are all expired with seeds. @petje please help
  6. [Arcade PC] Maimai FiNALE (Sega RingEdge)

    How can I set the game to fullscreen? (btw, setting FULLSCREEN 1 in systemconfig crashes the game) Also, how can I change the game to normal mode? Default is event mode + free play but I don't know how to change them
  7. Also, if anyone found or have an aqua server patched for paradise, can you share the download link with me? I have played chunithm crystal with aqua server and I cannot find any tools to convert my aqua save file to minime format. So if I can run paradise with aqua, it will be a big thanks. Anyone have any solutions for this?
  8. Even after applying all the option folders, I still have 889 songs in total. I have around 40 songs missing from that 933 songs max. Do I need to unlock some songs manually? I'm not sure why I'm missing around 40 songs... + Btw, what's the final update date in the title screen of paradise? For me I see 2020/06/11, since I upgraded from Crystal.
  9. Also, guys, where can I find the modified minime working in paradise? And aqua server doesn't work yet right?
  10. Any reupload for this? Option data: [Hidden Content]
  11. Are the EZ2AC dumps runnable and playable? My Windows Defender detects the main EZ2AC.exe as virus, not sure if it's safe XD