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  1. Hello Guys, Everytime I want to start the Game i get a failed to Load Message. Then i get two Options Retry and Continue. Retry does absolutely nothing and Continue brings me to a Mute Screen with a Random Character playing the Guitar. Now when I press Green or Red I'll get to a Screen which says that when I shutdown the Game everithing will be wiped off. The Game is Basically softlocked. I can still get to somekind of Menu with Start but that's it. Sorry for grammar. Kind Regards
  2. Hey, My Game isn't really starting. I have made both executables Admin and turnt on both the Fullscreen thing on, butwhen I try to start it my Taskbar disappears for 10 seconds and nothing happens. Im using Windos 10 64-Bit Pro. Sorry for my broken english. AspyrLog.txt