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  1. Newest verison of TP not letting me load AfterBurner, saying Patreon error. Do I need to donate to play this game?
  2. Game Loader All Rh

    Where can I find different versions of Game Loader? I'd like to try 3.2.1 and see if it works better for me. Currently using 3.2.5 and having strange issues. For example Wacky Races switches PC resolution to 640/480 and crashes just after a race starts. Also getting issues with other games.
  3. Game Loader All Rh

    Having issues installing Gameloader. I have changed the .TXT to prevent the virus warning. But when I click the Gameloader Installer, nothing installs. Try to open Gameloader Config, it asks me to use Gameloader Installer...nothing is working. Going crazy, any help?
  4. Trying to find that version of TP. Having difficulties, doesn't seem like their website lists older versions.
  5. Anyone have a version of Wacky Races that works with newest version of TP? I keep getting a I/O error. Going nuts trying to get it to work.
  6. Do I load the game with the Launcher? The launcher file in the Data folder gives the IO error. And the Launcher file in the main folder crashes.
  7. Wacky Races works when I load the game myself. But when I load through TP, I get an error saying I must delete certain files. Once I delete the files, the game loads but I get an IO error. Any help?
  8. I put that file in WR data folder, and then also tries the main dir. It didn't work, still getting IO error. Any other things to try?
  9. Trying to load Wacky Races, getting an IO error. I read you need Jconfig file in the game folder, but that gives me an error message from TK asking to delete the Jconfig file. Any help? Been going a little crazy for the last few hours.