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  1. and lets go island i cant get it full screen no matter what I try
  2. yes did check and I want windows res at 1080p so everything is at 1080p but the game image is zoomed in so not sure what is going on
  3. does anyone know how to fix games when patched or set to 1080p like Lets Go jungle, House of the dead 4 etc the image is way too big and you can only see like 2/3rds of the image? I select window mode but still the picture is way too big and looks zoomed in?
  4. google search its a free app, then load it and minimise, then run outrun2 or any game, once the game is running minimise TP and the game (but dont shut it down) then maximise borderless gaming app and you see will on the left the game listed, click the right arrow to drag it to the right so the app knows just to maximise this game etc
  5. Hey guys, does anyone know how to force Fast and the furious supercars to display internally at 1080p? I want to run in through TP so not sure if this is possible or if someone has a hacked HD Sdaemon they can send me? Thanks!
  6. iAno, have you tried borderless gaming? this will force it full screen
  7. for such an older release....ok thanks Petje
  8. ah well that got me further but then said "needs valid serial number to run". this isnt a patreon only release is it?
  9. hey guys, can someone please post a link for "lets go jungle lost on the island of spice?" when I download from the first page for some strange reason I am missing the exe file in Disk 0 and even if I point TP to the "game" file it doesn't load as its not an exe. I can get "lets go island" to work and other games just not this one Thanks in advance
  10. Can someone kindly share a working link of WMMT5? The links on the first page are not working Thanks!!
  11. so the mega link on the first page for Sega all stars racing does not work and the IPFS link has been down for days, does anyone have a link for Sega all stars racing please?
  12. does anyone have a link of Sega all stars racing outside of what is on the the first page of this forum? Thanks Petje but for last 30 hours or so even with Jdownloader that ipfs link is still not online
  13. hey guys, can someone please post link to Sega Racing Classic and Sonic all stars racing please? when I try to download from first page it just times out ThankS
  14. no I am a Patreon member, you need to be a member for this game to work (at least at the moment)