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  1. Looks awesome, yeah only arcade. Once someone can figures out some launcher to run Linux games under windows...
  2. Noticed the Dome patch does not fix the Attract mode. is it because it's an FMV or did I miss something? otherwise once you start everything looks correct.
  3. Nice, and to say I just got 1 month for megaupload a few days ago :). Queued! Thanks @7zxkv :)!!
  4. Game Loader All Rh

    I am having the same issue, it won't focus on the window. Will have to go back to 369. That worked @wallmachine, thank you!!
  5. Yes, you can fine tune the mouse control and change resolution. Esc actually will close the game. That loader is tops for tons of stuff!
  6. Yeah, not sure about the lightgun. Have yet to get one myself. Can test again once I received mine. Noticed however if you press the arrow it breaks the game and you actually start moving like an fps ;).
  7. i just tested your archives, seemed to work for me. I downloaded the rez changed and put it in the main folder. Ran it and selected 4k and the friction.exe. All I had to do to get the game to run in 4k. Have not yet messed around with controls as I am still waiting for the Sinden guns to set up all my shooters.
  8. Thanks mate. you rock! This game has become extremely rare on the web! Thank you again =)!
  9. Hey Mate, Can you reload the download link, seem megaupload removed it. Thank you for all you do!!
  10. Thank you everyone who worked on this project :). Seems getting an issue with all the versions of this game I try. I copied and ran the dome fix as per the instructions and replaced the exe files with the latest v3 patch. When I run the game the title of the game comes up and the screen disapears. This is on windows 10 64 bit, anything I am missing. Do we need to copy the game somewhere specific or compatibility mode in the exe? Can't figure it out, even game loader RH errors out when I try it. Issues resolved, just need the following: 1: Copy the eng patch 2: Use the dome fix 3: Copy the exe fix by Ducon 4: Use Gameloader RH to fine tune mouse controls, resolution changes and much smoother loading and quitting Runs like a dream, only thing I noticed is the intro is an fmv so the dome aspect will still show even with the fix.
  11. Only tried it myself on windows 10. So not sure if it runs under 7.
  12. Yeah, looking for it too. Can't seem to locate this game anywhere...
  13. Sure, her you go mate: [Hidden Content] Note: To extract use HDD raw copy tools and save as a img file. Then use poweriso to save to a folder the contents of the HD. Note 2: Game runs on Linux and the img file is 244 gigs. Going to be a while before anyone can run this without the original cab!