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  1. Hi! I have the exact same issue, as stated above. I am on amd, shader fix applied, and the last stage does this strange thing here too. I assume a visual effect is added during this stage, which the shader fix does not solve. The problem as nothing to do with the character chosen: the last stage is where the problem can be seen. Please, tell me if you find a solution. Have a nice day, all!
  2. [Tuto] Initial D6 Install: How to Install

    @suprabot Hi! I didn't have to do it myself for this particular game, but maybe could you try using Game Loader All RH and it's frame limiter (loader mode -1), in conjonction with tecknoparrot, in order to resolve this issue? It could look a little bit tricky if you are not used to it but it might work. My advice would be to follow the excellent tutorial Ling Lang did for virtua fighter 5C first then look into Game Loader All RH to change the loader option to -1 (or ensure it is there by default). At the end, don't forget to set game settings to "window" and not fullscreen on the tecknoparrot side. Hope this helps! Have a nice day!
  3. Hi everybody and thanks to the people making this game available! I am having issues at the final stage of the game: blurred image, invisible characters. Maybe a shader problem? I think the final stage uses a additional effect that all the previous stages don't use, which may be causing this. Am I the only one to get this issue? Is there a solution? Thanks, all, and have a nice day!
  4. [Tuto] Initial D6 Install: How to Install

    @linglang Hi and thanks for your answer. The Dlauncher will change nothing for me since its purpose is to "insert a card", so no way it's going to make analog controls better. And I confirm the test mode white screen on AMD card (I wish I would have been able to calibrate my controller there) ! I tried pairing T.P. with All RH just in case but, then, accessing test mode crashes the game. I think my issue could find its solution there. But your controller interests me a lot! As Dpad is really important to me, could you tell me how yours feel? Can you compare it to other known dpads (xbox 360, playstation, etc.)? Mine is a xbox 360 wired controller. Works fine most of the time. As always, thank you for your time and have a nice day!
  5. [Tuto] Initial D6 Install: How to Install

    Hi! Thanks lnglang for all this information put together! For your next tutos, maybe you could help us even more by pointing where to put the different files? id6_dump_.exe goes to .\id6 Shaders (AMD GPU FIX) go to .\id6\data\V5SHADER (where you have to replace the files with those from the zip file) I did not have to use the "correct error card file" because it goes away when playing... I would not know where to put it anyway. Anyone having issue with the analog controls? Analog stick behaves like it is digital here. Checking "xinput" or not in TP changes nothing. Any clue?
  6. Re-Rave Arcade?

    @linglang You are some kind of computer Mozart aren't you?
  7. [Tuto] ABC After Burner Climax: How to install

    I didn't have to set the xml file to read only in order to make the plane turn left. Don't ask me why, but if I hold the right thumb button on my 360 pad during startup, I consistently am able to play the game correctly. At first, I thought it was because "service" was set to this button... but no, whatever pad settings I make in TP, it's always this button that does the trick. Maybe this will help somebody? I am launching the game from ALL RH. Thanks for this tuto by the way!
  8. @Dreamerguy Dis-moi, as-tu trouvé ta réponse? Je n'arrive pas non plus à configurer aucune touche...
  9. [Arcade PC] Deathsmiles 2

    @scooby Merci pour cette réponse! Elle me rend heureux! Sauf que... désolé pour ça vraiment... quels sont les fichiers annexes dis-moi? Je suis tout à fait incapable de deviner tout seul :-( Merci! EDIT: J'ai essayé sans rien enlever d'autre que ds2_config et ça marche! All RH crée "cv_config.exe" tout seul comme un grand et ça fonctionne avec la manette xbox 360!! Comment on fait pour remercier le génie derrière all RH?! Et je te remercie toi aussi, évidemment, Scooby!!
  10. [Arcade PC] Deathsmiles 2

    Si tu savais comme j'aimerais la même chose! J'arrive à faire tourner le jeu en fullscreen seulement avec all RH, mais il ne considère pas les touches configurées avec ds2_config... tandis que les touches configurées avec Jconfig ont un comportement étrange, même si seulement le clavier est utilisé. Par contre, si je lance avec ds2_loader sans le fullscreen, les touches clavier configurées avec ds2_config fonctionnent bien. Alors ça me prendrait un truc pour mettre en plein écran avec ds2_loader OU un autre truc pour configurer les touches avec all RH. Je suis prêt du but?! Un peu d'aide svp! Merci!
  11. @linglang It works now! You helped me a lot. Thank you very much!
  12. @linglang Well... no luck! You seem to be French so je vais continuer en français! J'ai effectivement copié les trois fichiers et lancé l'installation à partir de là: vraiment, je ne comprends pas pourquoi la fenêtre s'ouvrirait à partir d'un autre dossier et pas celui de VF5. Qui plus est, j'ai fait des tests et remarqué que, si j'enlève les fichiers loader et config de mes dossiers de jeux nesica, ils fonctionnent quand même... Peut-être ai-je tout faux depuis le début? J'ai récupéré un set préconfiguré avec gameloader et fait l'installation du loader par la suite (pour enlever le petit chat en rouge): est-ce que mon erreur peut être là? Comment est-ce que je la répare? Pour ce qui est du mode portable: je me suis dit que j'allais configurer un loader là où la fenêtre se lance puis copier les fichiers dans mon dossier VF5 (non mais, je veux!). Je ne pense malheureusement pas que ma version de gameloader le permette... J'ai donc cherché une autre version de gameloader en bon noob que je suis. Mais, pour l'amour du ciel, où peut-on trouver la version la plus récente de gameloader? Je te jure que j'ai beaucoup cherché! Aussi, toutes mes tentatives de limiter les FPS à partir de ma carte vidéo n'ont rien donné. J'ai limité teknoparrot et budgieloader, sans succès. Comme on dit, des fois, ça ne veut pas marcher! Merci pour ton temps, encore une fois!
  13. @linglang First off all, thank you for your answer. Knowing I am not alone in this complicated world helps ;-P I just wanted to point out that my screen framerate is set at 60 hz, so this can't be the issue. Also, even though I am happy to learn that my version of game loader should work, I am still totally unable to fire its UI from the virtua fighter folder. What would prevent it to open according to you? Anyway, I'll sure try your hint toward Vsync later today and post the result here. Again, thank you for your time and have a nice day!
  14. I so much tried to follow all these well done instructions, but no success. I am able to launch the game using teknoparrot, but I am totally unable to use game loader to limit the framerate (I would play in window mode no problem). First, I can't find the same version as stated ( anywhere. So, I tried to copy these files from another folder (as I would do to play a nesica or TTX game, right?). Then, when hitting "game loader config", the UI doesn't show up. It does show in the folder it comes from, but it will not from where I copied it. I thought it needed some files (TTX.ini and jconfig), but no luck with this bad idea neither. And please, don't ask me which version of game loader I am using without a clue where is this information hidden! All I need, really, is a way to limit the frames of this game. Any clue? I also searched the options my AMD card offers with no more success ( I read somewhere that there is a way to "target half the framerate" using vsync). Any help would be so much appreciated! Thanks!