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  1. I made a bezel for Cave Story, feel free to include it if you want to.
  2. Wow, thank you. Do you have any trick to find out which 3d system (d3d9/11/ogl/etc) a game is using?
  3. Is it possible to do one for cave story and cave story+? I never could get those working.
  4. oh... there was no bug in aleste, it was a game feature and me being tired.
  5. I didn’t test the latest update, hopefully it’s fixed now then. will you release update packs for all game specific configs from the older version?
  6. Awesome update! I love the reflections! the reflections leaves a white line for me on the sides after 2-3 minutes of playing Aleste though. Have you noticed that?
  7. How do you run aleste? Not trough teknoparrot?
  8. Sounds totally awesome! PM me if you need a tester
  9. Nice! Really looking forward to that! What's new in v4?
  10. [Trad] WMMT5DX+ English Patch

    Solved it. The jconfig install has docs on how to solve it. 3 options needs to be disabled in the test menu.
  11. [Trad] WMMT5DX+ English Patch

    I get this error?
  12. Is it possible to map the controls to keys?